Week 27

I wanna be a cool mom. So I’m currently sitting on our cement slab listening to the New Music Friday Playlist on Spotify and drinking water from a bubba keg. Cool Hale, real cool.

Today is about half way through week 27 and things are going pretty swell. Besides the fat my feet feel swollen and I can feel my hips getting wider (which has been keeping me up at night). I also haven’t gone #2 for like 2 days which kind of worries me because I really don’t want hemorrhoids…but I hear most people get them so maybe I shouldn’t be worried? Also, who knew there were 2 h’s in hemorrhoids? Learn something new every day.

Sam got his wisdom teeth out today and was a real trooper and didn’t get put under because we are having a kid and kids are expensive. Poor guy can’t talk and keeps drooling…I guess he’s like a little baby right now. Don’t worry, he’s all stocked with soup, applesauce, ice cream, and liquid snacks.

So back to week 27. My mom had her party and it was a blast and a half. The whole fam was in town and my brother treated the gals to pedicures. I stepped outside my comfort zone and went with a lovely green color. The lady who did my toes was very curious about how I can still run while being pregnant. IDK ma’am, you just go slower and take walk breaks and stuff. Pretty sure she thought my feet were gross. But she was very kind and told me to come back for the pregnancy pedi.

2018-07-06 05.11.45 1.jpg


My mom also had Costco cake at the gathering and sent me home with a bundle…I’ve been trying to limit myself to a slice a day…or two.

This week we also started getting stuff ready in the baby’s room. I ordered some super cute cactus wall decals and can’t wait to get them up. FYI I wanted cactus and southwest (BISON) theme before it became so popular…trendsetter. Also, I’m very torn on what color to paint the room…I was thinking a nice teal color but now I’m leaning toward a greenish color. Thoughts?

2018-07-06 05.11.46 1.jpg

I hope he likes Cacti

I really haven’t had many cravings this week except for like cheese and salads. BORING. I want to crave something cool! My mom did have the best burgers at her party so I’ve continued my burger obsession and had one over the weekend. A chedda bacon burger. They are from the local grocery store and seriously the best.

Sam and I also started a summer ice cream tour bucket list. So far we’ve been to Grandpa’s in Fridley (I’d say it was about a 6 out of 10) and last night we stopped at the Big Dipper in North Oaks (I’d say it was a 9.5 out of 10). I liked the Big Dipper better because it was cheaper and they had more flavors to pick from. I went with blueberry cheesecake and chocolate oreo. Sam selected Snickers and something else I can’t remember because pregnancy brain. Ruthie got banana. She ate hers faster than I did. Lucky girl.

Funny thing though…it was very warm out and we had about a 10 min drive to get home with our ice cream. The ice cream started melting so I put it between my feet to keep it out of the direct sun. Sam turned a corner and the ice cream tipped and went all over my floor mat and pink sandal. I was of course very emotional about this and told him he needed to give me proper warning when sliding around corners. LOL.

2018-07-06 05.11.40 1.jpg


I also started a new book this week thanks to a recommendation from my sista and am already loving it. I just love reading so much lately. Especially when you can sit outside with an ice cold lemonade and get carried away to an imaginary world. #nerdsunite

2018-07-06 05.11.42 1.jpg

As far as working out goes…I’ve had little to no motivation this week. I did make it to the gym twice so I’ll chalk that up as a win. This morning I did a fun little diddy:

4 Rounds: 3 min on, 1 min box step ups (cuz pregnant ladies shouldn’t do box jumps!):

6 dumbbell thrusters

8 push ups on a box

10 alternating muscle snatch

12 air squats

It was actually pretty enjoyable and went by super fast.

Tuesday AM I did another fun trail run/hike at the State Park. I forget how hilly it is but I enjoy the hills right now because those are my walking breaks!

2018-07-06 05.11.43 1.jpg

I tried to go for a run Thursday am and at mile 2.5 my feet arches and calves started cramping so I said eff this and walked it in.

I did an abundance of swimming this week and that is my most fave thing to do right now. My sister and I spent a good 30 minutes playing this game where you both go under water. One person screams something and the other person has to decipher what the heck they are saying. One time she said “Jalapeno Cream Cheese” and all I heard was “I like pinot cheese.” LOLz. I was pretty exhausted after that game.

Now it’s the weekend already so I’m sure there will be some hiking, swimming, and eating…lots of eating.



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