If you Sprink when you Tink

Really thanking the high heavens we have air conditioning right now. I mean it’s schteamy out there. 90 and humid and all I want to do is dip my feet in a pool and eat mango fruit pops…that’s probably what I’ll be doing the majority of the weekend. Oh, yeah, happy weekend. Can’t believe it’s already the end of May…wtf mate.

Another week of being preggo has come and gone and I think my belly is growing every day. My appetite this week has gone insane and I feel like all I want to do is eat, eat, and eat. Cravings this week have included pizza, PB & J, ice cream, mac & cheese, a sprinkled long john donut, avocado toast with ham and a fried egg, always hamburgers, and pancakes/french toast. I’ve gained like 13 pounds so far this pregnancy so I’m indulging when I feel like it which means a cup of Neapolitan ice cream nightly. Soak it in sista because before long baby will be here and I’m sure I’ll be eating salads and vegetables….wait, who am I kidding.

Speaking of vegetables…last weekend I planted my very first garden. You see this spring I feel like I come home, hangout with my dog, eat dinner, and go to bed…hello Mrs. Boring! So I told Sam I needed a hobby. That hobby just happened to be gardening. My sister is pretty good at it so I frantically called her from the seed aisle in Menard’s and confessed to her “I didn’t know gardening could be this hard.” The man next to me looking at the pea plant seeds looked at me and chuckled with a sympathetic smile…”yeah, it’s pretty tough. Good luck.”

I’m up for the challenge. Sam put together a 4×4 raised bed for me and we filled it with planter soil and a bag of compost (tip from my sis).

2018-05-24 06.51.19 1.jpg

Lil buddies

I then drove to a few different stores to find my crops. For my pots I got cucumbers (hopefully they turn out so I can try canning pickles), cherry tomatoes, and green beans. I put these in pots because my sister said they need to be able to grow up on those metal vine like things. Sure sis, I’ll do whatever you say. For the garden box I planted sweet peppers, sweet potatoes (really hoping these work), buttercup squash (a secret surprise for Sam), tri-color carrots, and green onions.

2018-05-24 06.51.16 1.jpg

Final product

Now let me tell you a funny store about planting seeds in a garden. I didn’t really read the instructions on the packet before planting…I just assumed you dug up some soil, poured in the seeds, covered them, and called it good. I did just that with my squash then decided to take a speedy look at the back of the package…plant 2 seeds per 12 inches it said. I had just dumped about 12 seed in a 5 inch plot. Uh,whoops. Might be a little crowded in that section of the garden. Oh well, it was still fun to plant.

Besides the garden, last week was full of carpet cleaning and finally setting up the babe’s crib. I love it so much. Normally I’m a gray person but we decided on a lighter color “wood” look and it’s gorg.

2018-05-24 06.51.13 1.jpg

Can’t wait til there’s a little human in that bad boy. Funny story about setting up cribs…let the man do the work in peace. Sam was having some troubles so I got down on my hands and knees right in front of him and asked how it was going after hearing him say a few choice words…he did not appreciate that and asked me to vacate the room. Sure dude, I’ll go eat another mango Popsicle and watch you work from the couch 🙂

I also found this great diaper bag at Aldi for $16! Talk about a bargain. I’m hoping it lasts a while because I actually really like it. Like who knew diaper bags could be so freaking expensive! I’ve found some for over $100. I’m trying to save for diapers OK. I’m not a millionaire. Man, I should have gone into the baby supply making business.

2018-05-24 06.52.22 1.jpg

This week I’ve been feeling pretty lazy so runs/workouts have been meh. But that’s okay, I’m growing a human so like that’s a workout in itself. I have been doing some hikes at the state park with Ruth and that’s been pretty enjoyable.

2018-05-24 06.51.22 1.jpg

My fave girl and my fave place

Okay now lastly, let me tell you something that happened that shocked me but also made me LOL so hard. I was planting my garden and went inside to get some H2O because us pregnant ladies must stay hydrated. I didn’t think I had to pee so I headed down my stairs to the front door when suddenly I sneezed (sup allergies). Not only did I sneeze, I also tinked a tiny bit in my pants…like the instant I sneezed I peed. OMG. I didn’t know this happened. I instantly started laughing then had to pee more. Talk about a surprise!

So that’s been my week. Hope you’ve had a fun/exciting last few days before the long holiday weekend.

I’m probs going to get Chipotle so toodles!



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