It’s A…

Before we get to the exciting stuff lets chat about the last week. I had my 20 week prenatal appointment Monday (20 weeks already!? I feel like I should be doing more to get ready besides cleaning all the carpets) and it was pretty fun. I had an ultrasound for about an hour where the doc asked me if I had to pee. At the time I didn’t I said “No, why?” And she’s all like “well, your bladder is full”. SO Lol. She showed me on the ultrasound just how full my bladder was. About five minutes later I asked to be excused to use the ladies room…oops.

During the ultrasound, they not only discovered the gender of future baby wakey but also told me the babe is in the 90th percentile for size. My first thought…”Shoot, my kid’s gonna be a giant.” My second thought, “it’s a boy.” Nothing to worry about though, apparently babies can have growth spurts or a calculation could have been wrong. I guess we’ll find out in 4 more weeks if the kid’s still large or not.

2018-05-17 04.46.19 1.jpg


Cravings this week have been a lot-hello pizza, McDonalds quarter pounder with cheese, Naf Naf (rice bowl with chicken, all the toppings, and tahini-OMG my fave), salad (at least this is a vegetable), ice cream, margaritas (don’t worry, I didn’t have one), and a few more odd things. I’m learning you should never send prego ladies to the grocery store because who knows what we’ll shove into our carts (CANDY CANDY CANDY!).

I went for a couple 3 mile runs this week and my doc says running is pretty much a go until probs around the last trimester. She did suggest a belly belt (I think that’s what it was called…thoughts?). I do find myself getting winded going up the stairs with the laundry basket though…maybe it’s time to tell Sam I can no longer be on laundry duty hehe.

Now for the real fun. The gender reveal. In my head I pictured everything going wrong. I felt as though the bakery might have filled the donuts with the wrong color. Maybe the doc put the wrong ultrasound in the envelope…maybe the golf balls I got on Amazon were faulty. Sam told me to stop being such a negative Nelly and enjoy the day. So that’s what we did. And here’s what went down.

IT’S A BOY!!!! I called it. But we’re so excited and cannot wait to start decorating the little bugger’s room/picking out stuff for the registry/maybe buying 1 or 2 little outfits. Sam’s pumped for our future little golfer buddy.

PS the donuts were stuffed with the most amazing blue frosting. I ordered 6 donuts and have already consumed 3 myself. #YOLO

Thanks for tuning in and sharing this special moment with Sam and I! Off to clean more carpet. Toodles!



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