I Had A Dream

Oh hi there. I’m sweating and it feels glorious. So last Friday I told you how I get done with work at 1PM every Friday…well this week all that changed. I now get done at 11:40 AM every Friday from here on out…hello productivity around the house and long dog walks (hence why I’m sweating).

First things first, this week, I am officially 18 weeks along. Yippee skippy. Less than 2 weeks to discover the gender of our new family member. Can’t wait. 18 weeks also means baby wakey is the size of a croissant! That’s like pretty big if you ask me. It also makes me hungry for one of those chocolate-filled croissants the fancy bakeries have. I’ll be getting one of those ASAP.

2018-05-04 01.10.20 1.jpg

I use the Ovia Pregnancy app and love it!

This week I haven’t really been craving anything. Sam and I did cook 2 meals together (brats and fried potatoes, & spaghetti and meat sauce) which was super fun. Sunday night we even packed our lunches together and he said we are for sure acting like a real family. I laughed. I did have a Butterfinger blizzard Sunday night which was a real treat. Other than that, I feel like I’m trying my best to snack on healthy-ish things like plaintain chips, yogurt, fruits, and veggies. My appetite does seem to be increasing but I’m so okay with that because I love food.

This week also brought some weird dreams. The one that stands out the most is me giving birth to our child at 18 weeks. In the dream, I was in the hospital. Nothing was happening so I went to sit on the toilet and whoops, out popped a beautiful little girl. She was a healthy weight (I find that hard to believe being born at 18 weeks) and she even smiled at us. Everything was so great until we got home and realized we didn’t have any supplies except a rocking chair…we’re talking no diapers, no crib, no bottles…a nightmare! Then I woke up and was like “OMG it was just a dream. Get your shit together and start preparing for the baby!”

I also feel like my bump is finally visible. I took a really fancy bathroom selfie yesterday. I don’t like sharing pictures of myself typically but in case you’re wondering what prego Haley looks like, wonder no more…

2018-05-04 01.10.42 1.jpg

Baby Dubs Bump

The rest of the week was filled with a few morning 3 mile runs since it’s been so lovely here, lots of dog walks and sitting outside in the sun. Our little Ruthie came down with some horrible allergies last weekend so Sam had to take her to the vet Monday for some strong meds. Poor gal was going nuts. She’s been pretty tired all week so I’ve enjoyed babying her and giving her lots of attention. I think she’s giving us practice for our future 🙂 She also keeps tooting and her farts smell like tuna fish. VOM.

2018-05-04 01.11.20 1.jpg

I’ve also been super into reading lately. I love the library! I finished every possible Harry Potter book and am now reading one called “The Library at the Edge of the world.” So far I really love it. If you have any good summer book recommendations, shoot them my way. I feel as though I might have a lot of time to read these next few months.

Now I’m off to Hudson to grill with the fam and prep for tomorrow’s 10 mile trail run. LOL I signed up for this before I knew I was carrying a baby in my womb but my sister is doing it too and I think we will have a blast. It’s at our fave state park where we grew up and I actually can’t wait. No way I will be able to run all 10 miles but who cares. It’s about having fun and making mems right? Oh and snacks. Don’t forget the snacks.

Have a lovely weekend/week and we will catch up soon.



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