I’ll Take A Margarita, Hold the Tequila

I love Friday. Not only does it mean the weekend has come and I can finally sleep in (sleeping in for me means 6 am but that’s like the perfect time to wake up), but also that I only have to work until 1pm. Friday’s usually mean Ruthie and I will go for a nice long walk (now we can hike since it’s nice out!), then Sam and I will get some crappy food (sup TBELL) and watch sports. I’ll usually fall asleep around 9pm right now which is so OK because hello, I’m growing a human.

So I am a little over 17 weeks now which means in about 3 weeks we will be able to find out the sex of our little bundle. I’m so excited for that because I’ve been itching to get a little outfit or tiny pair of Converse or something! Sam found this amazing golf outfit the other day and I can guarantee that if we do have a boy, he will be wearing this.

2018-04-27 03.11.46 1.jpg

Now as you may know, pregnant people probably should not be consuming alcohol. I know some people say a glass of wine is fine and if you believe that, good for you. But I am too scared my baby will come out looking like a grape if I have even a sip so I will not be drinking any kind of alcohol until at least October. It was super easy during the wintry months but now that summer is on it’s way, all I want is a friggin margarita.

People say you can just drink the margarita mix but to me that sounds like a stomachache in a glass. Virgin daiquiris are good to me because they just taste like a fruity smoothie. Since I’m TRYING to be mindful of what I’m consuming, I created my own little mango mocktail drink I’ll probs be sipping on all summer long. Here’s what I did…blend frozen mango, (I added frozen blueberries because why the eff not), fresh squeezed lime juice, and any liquid you think might go well with the above ingredients. I would probably use coconut water but since I didn’t have any I used milk. And it was delicious. The options seem endless with this one. Get creative and have some fun mixing up non-alcoholic beverages!

2018-04-27 03.11.43 1.jpg

I’ve also been very into lemonade lately…the real lemonade. The kind that makes your lips pucker lemonade. If you’re in the cities, the best lemonade I’ve found is at The Red Cow. Thinking about it gets me super jazzed. Anywho, I bought myself I little citrus juicer at Bed Bath and Beyond this week and whipped up a little pitcher of the good stuff. I mixed about 3/4 cup of sugar and 1 cup of water on the stove to dissolve the sugar. Then I squeezed 5 lemons and 1 lime (for a little excitement) and mixed all that in a pitcher. Last, I diluted the mixture with cold water (start with a cup, then mix it up to see how it tastes). I think I might have found my new favorite lemonade.

Other than baking and beverage making, I’ve been trying to stay active but lately I find myself getting winded walking up the stairs. Like what’s up lungs? Stop hogging my O2 little baby.

OH. I got my haircut…because I want to be a cute mom, not a mom with split ends…doi. Also, I went shopping for new clothes since my belly is growing and all my pants are getting too snug. Let me just say, Old Navy has some adorable things right now…and the prices are just crazy. They didn’t have any maternity clothes in store but I did find a bundle of cute things with elastic waistbands so I’m hoping those will fit for a while. I want to order some stuff online but I’m afraid it won’t fit and I HATE making returns. Until then, I will be lounging in my linen pants and flowy tops. Being pregnant isn’t so bad after all.

2018-04-27 03.44.05 1.jpg

I can feel my arms getting sun burned so I better go lotion up. Until next time! Stay fresh!



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