I Guess it’s August

Lately, all I want to do is shop. I have about 12 things in my online shopping cart at Gap kids. I have a ball pit and sports center in my Buy Buy Baby cart…and don’t even get me started on my Nordstrom’s cart. Sam would flick me if I purchased any of these items…but there are so many cute things out there for Harry. Yes, for Harry. I’m not even telling you about the things I have in the shopping cart for myself LOL.

Anyone else feel like this? I feel as though I’ve been doing a decent job of saving my cash money over the past couple months but now all I want to do is spend spend spend some more. SLOW YOUR ROLL CHILD. I blame Harry. And coffee. OMG I didn’t even think about getting Ruthie anything either…bad dog mom alert. I mean look at the little princess monkey. Yes, I call  my dog a “princess monkey.” Don’t know why or how that started but it did and she loves it.

2019-07-15 03.41.23 1.jpg

Get your paw out of my cupholder gurrrrrl

OK, moving on.  I just finished a fabulous run at the Long Lake park and feel like a million bucks…sort of hehe. My hamstrings are V tight and I can feel my tilted pelvis having an affect on my ability to run lately. Whatever. Girls gotta get those miles in before the Gopher to Badger half next sat. Yikes. I haven’t done a road race in quite some time and I’m nervous I’m going to have to poop.

You see the nice thing about trail running is that if you happen to have to drop a turd in the middle of your run you can just hop into the trees. I think they’d frown upon that in a road race. Dear bowels, hold yourselves together.

So this is my second time posting this week and I’m like shocked at myself. I’m sitting at this cute little coffee shop in my town that I’ve always wanted to go to but never have. Cheers to trying new things. I just downed an insane mocha and am wired.

Sam and I have been getting our house ready to list and yesterday my parents stopped over and helped us with some stuff. My dad powerwashed the shit out of our siding and it looks great. My mom helped me weed around the house…she’s an angel. Sam worked on finishing the fence, and Ruthie bathed herself in the sun. What a diva girl.

2019-07-30 04.50.49 1.jpg

I found lots of frogs and spiders in here…vom

Our hope is to get our house on the market next week. Part of me is super thrilled but the other part of me is a tad sad. We’ve been here for five years and this house holds so many mems. Our first house. We brought Ruthie home to this house (I’ll never forget her jumping into our bed on her first night with us. She has never left hehe).

Harry was conceived in this house (TMI-whatever), Sam turned 30 in this house…I drove my car into a flood in front of this house…the list goes on. House, I may have complained a lot about you but in actuality, you’ve been a great first house. I love you.

OMG I just realized I have a bag full of groceries in my trunk and should probably get going but I’m so comfy here at this table.

OK fine I’ll go. But here’s a pic of Harry before I do.

2019-07-29 03.16.51 1.jpg

Thanks for tuning in, catch ya next time!



I’m Still Here

Hello there. I have the day off today and it’s weird. Figured I’d catch up on some stuff around the house then realized I haven’t blogged in about hmmm 100 days so here we are. All feels right in the world.

I started my day with a GIANT mug of iced coffee then dropped the dog off at day camp so she can play with her besties. Then I zoomed over to the gym to get in a lil  workout. It was cool. I did the following:

12 min AMRAP:

3-5 pullups

10 push ups

15 air squats

20 heavy KB deadlifts…then…

5x 3 pause banded front squats (trying to work on my form so been using bands around my legs…also hello butt burn)

Superset 5×8 heavy backward stepping lunges

FUN. I’ve also been adding in more core work and my core is weak after giving birth 10 month ago. So I do stuff like planks, situps, hip thrusts…you get it. Anyway, going to the gym is finally fun again and I actually look forward to it…most days. Except yesterday hehe.

2019-07-29 08.19.36 1.jpg

Daily ice cream flowing through the veins

Speaking of that…I had no desire to go to the gym yesterday. I just wanted to hang out with my kid and dog. So I got creative. I put harry in a laundry basket, stuff some pillows around him, and began pushing him up and down the living room. My butt, shoulder, and core were on fire and Harry was having a blast. I’m learning to get creative and learning that it’s OK to skip the gym every once in a while 🙂

I’ve also been back to running! Trail running, running in the cities, and pushing Harry in the jogger are all the forms of running I’ve been doing. I can never go as long with the jogger on account of it’s hard. So hard. But it’s something my son and I can do together and I hope it’s teaching him how fun running can be. He and I have some great conversations on our weekly runs together LOL.

So lets chat Harry for a sec. He’s 10 freaking months old. In two months we will have a one year old and I’m not OK with that. These past months have been the best. They’ve also been emotional. Harry got his first head bump bruise (cuz the kid is non-stop) and I cried my eyes out. I also felt like a terrible mom at that point but have gotten over that.

He LOVES playing with any sort of ball…basketball, foam ball, soccer ball. He’s also very talented when it comes to throwing said ball. He enjoys avocado more than anything. I tried feeding him chipotle last week but the chicken was too spicy (another bad mom moment) and he spit it out.

2019-07-28 02.11.45 1.jpg

Kisses from my bebe

He’s great at giving kisses, loves being in the water, loves his sister Ruthie more than anything, and is overall a happy kid. Unless it’s bedtime. Then he’s a turd. But that’s okay. He’s a cute turd. I’m ready for another Harry though…maybe for my 30th birthday? Only time will tell 🙂

Summer has been a blast and Sam has given me every Wednesday off. I take these Wednesday’s as my time to rejuvenate, relax, and get shit done. I usually start with a trail run at the State Park followed by breakfast at Urban Olive and Vine or the MPC Bakery. Then Sam and I usually spend the rest of the day prepping our house as we are getting ready to sell or, on rare occasion, we golf.

My diet lately has been all over the place. Most days I try to eat “healthy-ish.” Been craving grilled chicken like non-other and hamburgers on the grill because summer. Also, a good ole all natural margarita. And this summer I’ve been drinking a lot of beer. I’m not a beer gal but the summer beers of 2019 have been swell. Mango blonde, shandy’s, mango cart…you get it. Also, ice cream. Give. Me. All. The. Ice. Cream. My night always ends with a big bowl of melty ice cream with chocolate chips. Holler.

2019-07-14 07.45.01 1.jpg

Processed with VSCO with f2 preset

But in all seriousness, since fall is coming, my goal is to get back on the Sunday meal prep train. Hello overnight oats, instapot goodness, pot roast, soups, YES.

I feel like that is all for today. Harry and I are heading over to Long Lake Park for a run and swing capped off by his very first ice cream experience.

Have a lovely day and end of July!



No matter what time of day that damn baby shark song is always in my head. I start singing it out loud and Harry just starts laughing…he’s either laughing at the song or my attempt to sing the song…so I got him some shark PJS to go along with the shark theme in his life. PS tell me you’re not humming along in your head right now…baby shark do do do do do…

2019-06-16 06.44.14 1.jpg

Harry has been a good little boy lately. He recently discovered he can crawl super fast, chase Ruthie, and grab her tail. It’s his most favorite activity and they spend countless hours playing together now.

I have started introducing some human foods like avocado and banana and gave him half of a coffee donut to celebrate Father’s Day. He liked the donut (a boy after my own heart) but was a little unsure of how to eat the banana. I’ll keep trying. I also accidentially gave him a tiny sip of my sour Kool Aid Jammer…lets just say the kid does not have my obsession for sour snacks.

2019-06-16 01.33.57 1.jpg

Father’s Day boys

The one thing Harry still doesn’t like is napping. He won’t take naps during the day. He then sleeps from about 7:30 PM-6 AM so I guess I’ll take that instead. Nutso boy just always on the go.

So lately all I’ve been craving is Summer Shandy (any brand), sour candies, and pickles (I know what you’re thinking…). I guess I need some salt, and sour in my life. I used to hate summer shandy and now I just can’t get enough of it. The perfect summer treat. PS I told Sam yesterday that I’m over donuts…then proceeded to eat 2…He goes…”I thought you were over donuts?” I said, “I lied.”

Last week my sister had her first wedding shower and it was so great. It was lovely to see family, eat good food, and play some fun games. A lot of people hate the games at showers but to me, they are the best part. After the shower we had to make a stop at our favorite ice cream shop, Brick’s. Molly and I both got zebra cones…seriously THEE BEST.

2019-06-13 08.16.09 1.jpg

Ice Cream or bust!

So workouts lately have been ight. I’ve enjoyed doing burpees in the grass, that’s fun. I did a fast lil thing this afternoon and literally had to lay on the floor after on account of I thought I was going to pass out. It involved tread sprints, cleans, and bar facing burpeees and it was a goodie. For some reason, fast-heaving lifting workouts are my jam right now with fast bursts of cardio. Otherwise I find myself getting uber bored.

I also just signed up for the harder n heck half marathon on the Superior Hiking trail. Some new trail shoes came in the mail Saturday so I’m super motivated now 🙂 Also, summer trail running as the sun rises is my jam. Also, toast and jam sounds so good right now. Yes, I’m hungry.

I just realized Harry turns one in about 3 months and might have started crying so I’m off to drink my sorrows away in wine and chocolate. I also turn 30 in about 4 months and am SO excited. I think 30’s are going to be a thrill of a time.

Have a fab night peeps.



Raising Cane’s Is My Spirit Animal

I just realized I should change the name of this blog as I’m no longer running with a bump…at least not at the moment LOL.

Speaking of running, I went for a nice 7 mile trail run at the state park this morning after drinking a large mug of iced coffee. Good idea because I was full of energy and made it through the whole run. Bad idea because about 2 miles from the end I had to hop into the woods…nuff said. I only enjoy running while pushing Harry in the jogging stroller OR on the trails now. It’s just too fun.

So life has been chaotic lately and today is my first day off in about 10 days but that’s ok because chaos is cool. So today I’m doing a little work but trying to spend most of the time focusing on the almost 9 month old babe…because I love him and don’t typically get to spend a week day eating lunch with him.

Harry was sick all last week and it just broke my heart. To top it off, the kid got his first tooth. It’s just the cutest until he gives kissed and chomps down on your cheek. Thank goodness I have chubby cheeks.

2019-06-10 06.30.04 1.jpg

Clean baby

He loves bath time and anything involving water. He will just sit in the tub for 20 minutes and splash himself. I think he’s gonna be on the swim team. He also has recently learned that he can stand up and “run” if we hold on to his arms. He crawls a little but mainly wants to be on his feet. He’s always on the go and I’m questioning if me being active during pregnancy has anything to do with this. By bedtime Sam and I are both just wiped. But it’s all good because having a dog and a baby is probably the best part of life.

2019-06-02 03.48.14 1.jpg

I just can’t handle that little face ❤

So back to this morning. After the run, I was very very hungry. One of The Subhouse’s neighbors, Urban Olive and Vine has been on my mind a lot lately. I have been wanting to go there but have been stuffing my face with subs lately. Well, today was the day. I stopped in (it’s so cute), got a matcha latte (first timer here), and the ham and cheese nordic waffle. SO GOOD. SO GOOD. This is going to become a thing I think. YUM.

2019-06-12 09.14.21 1.jpg


Alright so moving on. Workouts. They’ve been much better lately. I think the nicer weather has something to do with it as I’m feeling 100 % more motivated and much less of a downer. I have been doing some outside workouts in the backyard as well as a couple gym workouts. I’m back to my trusty squat program and did 2 sets of 10 at 125 pounds yesterday. Ssssssofun.

I also discovered these fabric resistance band things (no clue what you call them) and did 150 air squats with them one day. Couldn’t walk for 3 days. But they are my new fave thing. You see, I enjoy being sore. It makes me feel like I worked hard and it makes me feel strong. Yep.

2019-06-10 01.54.25 1.jpg

Squats for days

I finally went to the grocery store this week but didn’t buy much because I forgot how to grocery shop for myself. I feel like last week I ate many salads (girl’s gotta get those veggies in), avocado turkey subs, cookies, Chipotle, Raising Cane’s, and clif bars. Get it together Hale and make yourself a real home cooked meal. Argh. PS Raising Cane’s is my spirit animal.

Well, wedding season is upon us and as the MOH in my sister’s wedding, I am so excited to get to accompany her to her bridal showers and throw her a bach party. We will be heading out tomorrow afternoon (probably after a trip to Culver’s) to her first shower with our aunts and cousins. YAY! So happy for her.

Tis all for now. Have a beautiful day.


-One thought-jumbled Hale

Back to the Trails

Good morning!

It was a beautiful morning until the sun decided to hide. I got up at 5:30 am this morning because I don’t like running around people. So I wake up early to beat the crowds. Yes, I’m weird. BUT, I was legit the only human running at the State Park this morning. I saw human because I saw lots of deer, turkey, and bunnies on the trail.

I did a nice 6.5 mile run through the woods, prairie, past the waterfall, and up some steep ass hills. And it was the best way to start the day.

2019-05-29 06.05.14 1.jpg

Be one with nature

Hope you had a nice relaxing weekend. We had some super nice weather Sunday which meant being outside all day. Sam, myself, and my dad went golfing and it was a blast. I thought we would be in the shade and accidentally forgot my sunscreen. Lets just say I won’t ever do that again.

The weekend also marked the first time Harry went swimming. We put him in his little float and he just hung out, kicked his legs, and smiled. He then proceeded to take a 3 hour nap. Summer, we love you.

2019-05-26 04.11.19 1.jpg

Photo cred: Grandma Dee

Harry also learned how to hold his sippy cup. He’s pretty cool. He told me for his birthday he’d like a car. I said you gotta wait 15 years for that buddy. He said, OK mom.

2019-05-25 09.59.10 1.jpg

Sippy cups and backwards hats

I sort of got back on the workout train again this week. I was doing really good last week and then the weekend hit and all motivation went out the window. I just wanted to drink shandy and sit in the sunshine. So, I put a reminder in my phone for Monday to GET BACK IN TO THE SWEAT game.

I did a workout Monday and ended with some Bulgarian split lunges and my legs are still sore. Like the insides of my legs. Like I can’t walk right. But that’s cool. I also really love squatting lately. It makes me feel super strong. Hoping to start a new squat program next week…my goal is to get to 170 pounds for 3 sets of 2. We will see. Here’s what my planner looks like on a daily basis…most days I follow it to a tee. Some days I cross things out and move them to another day.

2019-05-28 04.10.06 1.jpg

Be accountable

Well, I’m gonna go drink some water, eat a snack, and get myself ready for a day of subs. Have an excellent Wednesday!



I Love Bison

First off, I can’t get enough key lime LaCroix. I just bought two 8 packs at Target and have already cracked one open. I guess there could be worse things. I’m also strangely addicted to buying baby food. Every time I go to a store I have to scan the baby food section and usually end up buying 3 or 4 things of it…anyone else with me on this? UGH. Harry loves it though so as long as he’s happy, I’m happy.

2019-05-21 06.23.50 1.jpg

My sweet kids ❤

Life has been a little less hectic this week but still busy. Last week was one of those weeks where I felt like I couldn’t get ahead and everything that could have gone wrong, did. Our make table at The Subhouse broke so that was another headache in itself but all is fixed and well in the world. Thank God for Sam. He keeps me calm during all the stresses of small business ownership and I’m lucky to have a spouse that really supports me.

There’s this cute coffee shop a few doors down from me called The wired robin and I frequent it frequently. They have this fun blended beverage called the wired monkey that has banana, espresso, and other stuff…oh and whipped cream. I LOVE this drink and would love to drink it daily. Maybe I will.

2019-05-16 08.17.34 1.jpg

Cool whip

Oh, also, it’s only Wednesday and I made it to the gym twice already this week. I’ll chalk that up as a win. I did the following workout Monday and was SO EFFING sore. I also jogged with Harry so that could have contributed to the soreness. Anyway, here’s the workout:

12 minute AMRAP:

5 pullups

10 push-ups

15 Air squats

20 Deadlifts

Then 5×5 Push Press supersetted with 5×15 rev flies

MY SHOULDERS DIED. I am still a little sore. But so fun. Also, I think working out less makes you stronger? Is that a thing? I normally have to use a band for my strict pullups and do pushups from my knees. This time, I did 3 unbanded pullups per round and all pushups from my toesies. COOL.

2019-05-20 03.24.45 1.jpg

Took a selfie cuz I liked my hair LOL

I also got in a fun 3 mile trail run today at the State Park…ugh the best.

Not much else is new except for one thing. You see I have always had this thing for Bison. I blame my parents for taking us to the Black Hills every year growing up. I just think they are beautiful and strong. If you look up what bison represent spiritually, they stand for good health, strength, and stamina. I LOVE that so much. Bison are literally my spirit animal. I also refer to Harry as my little bison.

Anyway, I’ve been wanting to get a bison tat for a while now and finally had the time to do so today. It hurt like hell but I love the end result. Bison will forever be a part of me now 🙂

2019-05-22 04.38.49 1.jpg


I guess that is all for today. I need to go make 8 gallons of peach green tea for The Taste of Hudson tomorrow.

Have a beautiful night.



Life Update #203

Holy cats it’s been a hot minute since I blogged. I love blogging. Blogging is fun. But sometimes life gets busy and you have to make choices. I choose to put blogging on the back burner because some things (Harry, Ruthie, Sam, family, work…etc) are more important. You get it.

2019-05-13 06.01.59 1.jpg

Mom, why you so busy?

But here we are, back at it. Man, how the h is May already half over. I just don’t understand. Ruthie is almost 5. Harry is almost 8 months old. I just cannot handle my two pals getting older. But one thing I can handle is how much they love each other. Harry will be sad and the moment Ruthie walks into the room he just lights up and starts laughing. It’s adorable and melts my heart.

I also just learned that this exact day last year we found out Harry would be a boy. Man, sometimes I miss being pregnant on account of nobody judges you for anything (eating all the ice cream, using your belly as a table, going to bed at 7PM…). I’m so thankful for my little boy every day.

So where to begin. I ran a 10 mile trail run a couple weeks back. I did the same one last year when I was growing a human inside me. I shaved off 32 minutes and felt a ton lighter. Trail running rocks.

I am currently on my couch with Ruth after consuming a ginormous bowl of Chipotle and a Mexican Coke. OK, what is it about Mexican Coke that is SO MUCH BETTER than American coke. IDK but I love it.

I haven’t had much time to meal prep lately and I just for the first time ever, ordered food to be delivered to my house. I feel like a failure for this but I also thoroughly enjoyed not having to pack up Harry to go get myself a meal. I’ve been living on subs, cookies, salads, Key Lime LaCroix, blackberries, and coffee. Healthy? Meh.

I have really been into running over everything lately when it comes to being active. For some reason it’s been incredibly difficult to wake up at my usual 4:30 am to get in a workout. Also, if I don’t do it in the AM, I most likely won’t do it after work…so I’ve pretty much been shooting for 3 gym days a week (girl, work dat booty), 3-4 runs, and 1-2 at home workouts. Sprinkle in many walks with the dog, kid, and hubby, and I’m getting around 20,000 steps a day. I’ll take that as a win!

Oh, also, my sister-in-law/nanny got us a Bob jogging stroller and it’s amazing. I call it the Cadillac of strollers. Anywho…have you ever jogged with a stroller? Talk about a workout. I literally ran a mile and was winded. Harry, on the other hand, LOVED it. I mean I loved it too but it was tough. Next challenge, running with Harry and Ruth LOL. I asked Sam to run with us and he laughed in my face. Okay, I’ll try again next year hehe.

2019-05-04 02.37.54 1.jpg

New best running buddy ❤

In other news, I have to get a root canal. I mean I don’t have to but let me tell you a story. In 8th grade, one day before getting my braces off, I got smoked in the face with a softball. My front tooth bent backwards. Thankfully, the braces kept my tooth from falling out. However, my tooth has been discolored ever since that day.

I went to the dentist 2 weeks ago and they did this test. They blew cool air on my good tooth and instantly I felt it. They blew cool air on Mr. Gray and I could not feel a dang thing. Turns out, he’s dead. He has probably been dead for years. RIP Mr. Gray.

Since that day in 8th grade, I have been super self-conscious about my tooth. I try to smile with my mouth closed because I can tell he’s gray and doesn’t fit it with his roomies. So, my dentist told me they can do a root canal and whiten it to match my others. I’m currently doing 10 days of whitening mouth guards and then I’ll go in for the procedure in June. I’m nervous but hopeful I will be able to smile with my teeth after this 🙂 Sam calls me a celebrity because I’m whitening my teeth. I just smile and suck up the saliva caused by my mouth guards.

OK, to be honest I’m very tired and brushing my teeth sounds like a chore right now. But I’m going to do it then jump into bed.

Have a fun night!