5 weeks to go

I showed my mom a picture of me at 35 weeks with Harry compared to a picture of me right now and she is convinced baby #2 is a boy. My belly looks very similar to when I had Harry but Sam says I’ve been acting wayyy different which is a sure sign it’s a girl LOL.

The 35th week is upon us and my mind is blown that we now have 5 ish weeks to go until our newest addition joins the fam. It’s an odd time to have a baby but I’m getting more and more excited as the days go by.

I do wish I had a room to decorate for the baby but seeing as we still do not own a house, that’s going to have to wait. I think that’s why this pregnancy seems so different. With Harry, I was able to put things in his dresser. I made his little crib up, hung up clothes in his closet. This time around while we do have a new crib to setup, it just doesn’t feel the same. It’s also being set up in a room with baseball wallpaper soooooo hehe. But I’m incredibly thankful my parents have allowed us to invade their space. We have a roof over our heads and get to spend time together which these days is so precious.

I have a dr appt next week and will be getting an ultrasound so they can check the growth of the baby. I’m excited to see its lil face and arms and legs. So cute.

I’m starting to slow down as this pregnancy progresses. I find myself getting winded much faster. I’m trying to stick to my workouts but when I’m feeling tired or sore I’m giving myself a break (and a pat on the back for doing so).

Harry has been loving the summery weather and we’ve been relaxing by the pool and getting in loads of snuggle time.

The kids an eating machine lately. Must be all the swimming! The other night he crushed 2 whole hot dogs, a bun, two scoops of black bean salad, cheese, coleslaw, and a brownie. He’s been hard to get to bed and night and has been waking up extra early but I think it’s because he’s just so excited to go play outside.

He also got to go on his first convertible ride last week! Loved it. He just sat in the back and yelled VROOOOM!

He’s been giving his sister a ton of love lately and knows exactly where the BB is right now. Oh my little boy ❤️

As for myself, I mostly feel good. With the higher humidity I do feel like my feet are getting a tad swole so I’ve been trying to elevate them at night.

My cravings lately have been hamburgers and ice cream. Gimme all the DQ blizzards plz.

I did a fun workout yesterday that consisted of the following:

5×2 backsquat 5×20 step ups then I did some intervals on the treadmill. It’s been like 3 weeks since I’ve run and man did it feel lovely. I did 45 seconds on, 1:30 at a brisk walk. Cool.

Sleeping for me has been shit lately but that’s expected. I have to pee a lot and I always feel like I’m a million degrees.

Other than that just taking each day as it comes, trying to stay active, and trying to eat mostly healthy. PS my first purple carrot box just arrived and I’m so excited for some plant based foods.

I’m off to make myself another glass of ice cold water, have the best afternoon!



7 weeks to go

And we still don’t have a house. It’s starting to stress me out finally. The last 33 weeks have flown by and I kept telling myself “we have so much time.” Well, here we are, 7 weeks away from Baby’s due date. Wake up and smell the coffee chica. Oh and my gut is telling me she’s gonna be early. So let’s just say we really have 6 weeks to go 🤦‍♀️

You could say the stress is starting to add up. I am a pretty positive person but I am not the greatest at handling my stress. I’m not gonna lie-yesterday was a really hard day for me. I had a breakdown at the Chiro and could not stop crying. Sam came to pick me up and was like “what happened to you?” Haha looking back it’s kind of funny but at the time I wanted to punch him.

Yesterday was weird. That’s the only way I can describe it. WI overturned the governors safe at home order and suddenly it hit me-with everything opening up, I feel like the odds of getting this virus are way higher. I thought about my Family and my unborn child. Shit, I’m scared. Running a small business right now is tough. I’m a people pleaser and it’s hard to please everyone right now. I’m also 33 weeks pregnant and an emotional roller coaster. Sam is amazing and the best support system so I’m just trying my best to control what I can control l, remain calm, and keep smiling. PS did I mention I could really go for a margarita?

Well, today has already been leaps and bounds better than yesterday. Sam went on a 3.5 mile hike with my mom, myself, and Ruthie this am at 7:30 and it was amazing. If you know Sam, you know he is not a morning person. Not does he enjoy exercising in the morning unless it’s golf. So it meant a ton that he came with.

I also got some quality time with Harry last night and that kid is seriously the best medicine. He makes me laugh so freaking hard.

I took a melatonin bath, ate a bowl of ice cream, did a Sudoku, and fell asleep. This morning after the hike I visited our fave coffee hut and got the most delicious protein shake. I have the day off so I’m trying to balance being productive with having a self-care day. So far I’ve been stuck in my chair in the yard catching rays with Ruth. That productivity will come later…maybe 😊

Moving on. This girl in my belly is kicking up a storm again. I caught live footage of her the other night and it’s creepy but cool.

Other than yesterday I’ve been feeling good. I get in two walks most days and am working out like 5 day’s a week. I’m trying to keep up with my squats because I feel like that’s what helped me through Harry’s birth. Really strengthening that pelvic floor yeah?

Food-I’ve not really been craving a darn thing lately…except a burger here and there or a taco salad. My appetite is kind of MIA but I know stress does that to a person. We did get some amazing food for lunch on Tuesday and I’m still dreaming of the lettuce wrap tacos I downed.

I’ve officially gained 20 lbs lol but whatever, I’m pregnant.

Oh we finally picked up some baby diapers and got the crib mattress for her. Lol we’re really cutting this close.

My mind is wandering and looking at that picture or food is actually making me hungry sooooo I guess it’s tome for lunch. Thanks for tuning in to my life update. Have a lovely weekend and drink 7 margaritas for me!



8 weeks to go

LOL my last post was at 11 weeks to go…my time has been flying. Here we are with less than 8 weeks to go and part of me keeps forgetting I am going to have to push that baby out again.

Actually part of me keeps forgetting a lot. With Harry I feel like my brain was there and fully functional. Baby #2 is the complete opposite. I’ll ask Sam a question and then ten minutes later ask the same question not realizing I just asked the same thing.

I forget things at work. I forget items at the store. I couldn’t even remember Harry’s birthday at his well check on Wednesday. I’m sorry buddy, it’s not you, it’s me.

So let’s start with Harry. He weighs in at a whopping 24.5 pounds and is 33 inches long. He loves reading, playing outside, drinking coconut water, eating garbanzo beans and Mac n Cheese, cars, sports balls, his dog Ruthie, and giving kisses. He’s getting better at putting himself to bed (thank the lord). He likes long walks around the neighborhood in the chariot (Burley). He’s just a jolly ole joy and I love spending time with him.

Now for Baby Girl. She is measuring right at 32 weeks and is still a wiggle monster. Her heart beat as in the 130s. She like eating (especially DQ in bed) and is overall loving life.

I am starting to get more and more winded walking up hills. I also crawl into bed before 8 pm most nights. Epsom salt baths have been giving me life. My low back has been sore but Dr. Shelby (the most amazing human and chiro) has been taking care of me.

I’m still working out when I feel good but am taking two strict rest days a week. This was really tough for me at first but now I look forward to these days. My workouts consist of squats (keep that pelvic floor engaged), presses, and smaller movements like lunges and step back burpee’s. I’m pretty much done running for now but that’s OK because family walks are where it’s at.

I have actually been craving veggies a lot lately and am trying to eat more plant based things. My mom got meals from Purple Carrot and they are amazing. I’ve also been craving blizzards, margaritas (LOL), mac n cheese, salt and vinegar chips, and fruit. Quite the variety.

I’m looking forward to spending Mother’s Day with my family and not doing a darn thing (well maybe a walk). I’m just trying to take in and enjoy these next 8 weeks as a family of 3 (well 4 with Ruthie!).

I hope you have a fantastic weekend. I look forward to hopefully catching up next week.



11 weeks to go!

Hey! What a whirlwind of a week it’s been! Between slinging sammies, going for walks, washing my hair, and drinking coffee, this week just flew by! Speaking of hair, my hair has never been longer or softer than this current sitch. I think I wash my hair like 4x a week (otherwise I’d smell like an onion), take a prenatal vitamin, and have really been focusing on drinking plenty of cucumber water. Fun stuff.

So here we are. Week 29. Hello. I was thinking about this last night and started to get a little stressed because my gut is telling me she’s going to be early. If she’s early that means we really have like 10 weeks to prepare. I am unprepared lol. We have a crib and a hospital outfit… that’s about it hahahahaha. We still don’t have our own house which is a tad concerning but I suppose everything will sort itself out? Looks like I’ve got my work cut out for me these next 10ish weeks.

This baby is about the size of a Barbie convertible…whatever that means LoL.

I’m feeling pretty good except for some soreness in my low back but nightly salt baths and icing have been helping with that.

I have not hardly been running at all and I’m actually Ok with that. It was starting to become super uncomfortable and my body was telling me to slow down so, guess what!? I actually listened! I will try to get in some small sprints on the treadmill here and there but family walks are my jam right now.

Also, what’s up yoga! I’ve been trying to do relaxation and stretching 3 times a week and I feel so much more at ease. Sometimes I follow videos, sometimes I freestyle it myself. It’s fun and a different challenge than I am used to. I e also been doing some squats, presses, and knee push ups to stay some-what in shape 🙂

Okay, enough about me. This baby is still non-stop moving! At first it was mostly just at night…now it’s like all the time. I can see little fists poking out of my growing belly and it’s weird. Harry likes my belly and likes to pull up my shirt to push on my belly button. He’s a goof. He also loves giving kisses.

Speaking of Harry, he is hilarious. He recently discovered chalk and decorated my parents entire sidewalk. He loves bubbles. He loves walking around the yard with his homemade waking stick. He also likes biting. He bit me in the shoulder yesterday and it hurt like a b but he said sorry so I’m over it.

He got to play with shaving cream this week at aunt alex’s and had a blast. What a fun idea. I’m about to break out the play dough later today for something new.

This upcoming week looks fab for weather so we will probably be chilling outside as much as possible. Ruthie loves being outside to so it’s something we all can do together! Oh and grill because all I want these days are cheeseburgers and fries.

I also have bi-weekly dr appointments so I’ll check in next week with any updates on the girl.

Well, that’s all for now. Have an excellent week. Remember, you’re doing enough right now.



The Final Countdown

Started from 0 now we’re here…wut. 28 long weeks ago a little tiny human started growing in my belly. That tiny human is now about the size of a rollerblade (LOL) and loves to throw raging dance parties all night. If that’s any indication what she’s going to be like on the outside…we’re in trouble.

Life has been as good as it can be right now with everything that is going on. I try to stay positive and happy but sometimes I feel like I shouldn’t be when parts of the world are struggling so badly. It’s just weird trying to carry on as we normally would when times are def not normal. At least the sun has been showing it’s face this week because the vitamin D is def helpful!

Harry loves being outside so on the nice days we try to stay out as long as possible. He likes running around the yard and going on nature walks. He also enjoys picking up sticks and throwing rocks…a true boy.

With everyone home, Ruthie has been getting like 2-3 walks a day. I’d say she loves it. She’d probably say it’s alright. Sam secretly loves our family walks too, I just know it.

I had my diabetes test on Thursday where you drink that sugary drink then get blood taken. With Harry, that drink didn’t bother me one bit. This time around I had to choke it down and felt naseaus the rest of the morning. But the results were negative so that is fantastic.

I also had to get my RHOgam shot since I have weird blood (RH -) and a tetnus shot that made my arm feel like The Rock punched me 12 times. PS this time around the put the RHOgam shot in my booty and it was so awkward…maybe more awkward than childbirth? I also discovered they put a bandaid on my butt after the shot…never had a bandaid there before. But all is well and baby girl is growing and v healthy according to her heart beat! Feeling grateful and lucky for a healthy pregnancy.

I am feeling pretty darn good these days. My nails actually look nice for once and my skin doesn’t feel so darn dry (I give credit to the facials and collagen spritz I’ve been using).

The chiro is keeping me balanced and less stressed and I truly think without her I’d be going crazy right now.

I’m still trying to get 2-3 runs in a week but it’s getting more difficult because this child is squishing my bladder and I constantly feel like I’m going to pee my pants (sometimes I do). 2 runs a week is great for me!

I’ve been doing a salt bath a day for relaxation and recover and am obsessed with Dr. Teals. I found some new flavors and they are amazing. I also am aiming for 3-4 workouts a week with two rest days featuring yoga and walks. For once in my life I’m ok with rest days and it actually makes me feel recovered and stronger!

Can you tell I don’t talk to as many people as usual LOL…I feel as though I’m blabbering on. Well I guess it’s time to take our daily family walk and then color Easter eggs for tomorrow. Wishing you much health, strength, and love during these times. Thanks for tuning in… until next time!


Not Running with a Bump

Well hi. What a weird time we are experiencing right now. I want to pretend everything is normal but it’s not. I’m trying my best to stay positive but between watching the news and the weather here lately it’s been a tough task.

Thank God for kids and family! Harry literally makes me laugh all day every day and it melts my heart. There’s the silver lining-extra time to hug and snuggle my boy. He has no idea bad things are happening right now and keeps me calm and sane.

Harry is now a year and a half old. I can’t believe it. He’s growing like a week. He eats everything you put in front of him. When he’s not busy following his bah pa around he’s showing us his belly. I think he realizes my belly is growing and he’s fascinated by it.

He also LOvES being outside. When it’s time to go in he literally turns to jelly and you have to drag him in. It’s hilarious. He loves going for walks and playing with all the different balls.

As for myself, I’m doing alright. I have had a terrible pain in my left butt and finally decided to see a chiro last week. She’s more than a chiro actually, she’s a saint. I have no fear she will help me physically, mentally, and emotionally. Sam has been seeing her for over a month now so I know she’s good.

Each day I swear my belly grows. This baby is non stop moving. It’s so cool but also creepy when I can see her arms and legs poking out of my skin. I’m a little over 26 weeks now and overall things are going well.

I’ve been trying to get 4 lifts in a week and was doing 3 runs a week but now I’m not running at all on account of this left cheek. So I’m going to commit to a daily walk with Harry and Ruth and biking (stationary) 2 times a week.

I’m really going to focus on rest, healing, and staying healthy right now and as hard as that is for me I’m learning the importance of recovering your body. Sometimes I forget I’m growing a human and try to take on too much. I am learning it’s OK to say no (this quarantine thing is also helping with that lol).

So in light of rest and recovery, I purchased some amazing face products from my favorite place to get facials. Since facials won’t be happening for a little while I decided to treat myself at home. The collagen and vita c spritz are my new obsessions. For once I’m actually excited to wash my face LOL. I guess I’m growing up hahaha.

So other than cleaning, walking, Neal prepping, and showering, today is about family time, game playing, snuggles, and icing of the buttock. I hope you’re hanging in there. Stay busy, journal, FaceTime Yahtzee with friends and family…do what you need to get through these times and take care of yourself.



Lol 16 Weeks to go

Lol. Remember like 12 weeks ago when I shared that Sam and I are expecting and I’d be blogging my weekly updates like last time ? Well, I’m doing super well so far and have only posted one update. Pregnancy #2 has been a little more hectic with a one and a half year old. But I love it.

So here I am to update you on everything from the past few months. Harry is the funniest little child I know. He loves breakfast.

He loves saying his animal noises. He’s becoming quite the little artist. His love for cars is nuts. He names every car we see whether it be driving by our front window or on one of our walks. He loves being outside and he loves wearing shoes. He also likes finding every bug or speck of dust. Quite the character he is.

He does not like chocolate. He still hates going to bed. He hates having to come inside. I love him and my heart grows bigger each day. I never knew a tiny human could make me grow so much as a person.

Now for this little girl that’s cooking. Yes, she’s a girl. We have some names picked out already but I’m keeping them secret.

She’s v active. She kicks a ton and is growing like a weed. I’ve packed on about 8-10 lbs thus far but feel pretty good overall. I mean I’m a lot more tired and lose my breath more quick…oh and I have terrible cramping in my low back and left hamstring but can’t complain too much.

I’m aiming for 4 workouts a week and 3 runs to stay active. It really helped with Harry’s delivery process so I’m hoping the same goes for baby #2. We walk a ton and get outside as much as possible. Can’t wait to start swimming as the weather gets nicer.

My cravings this time have really not been much. I guess I crave more sweets than I did with Harry but that’s typical with girls am I right? I try to eat as healthy as possible but it’s hard whe. You own a sub shop with fresh baked cookies and the best sandwiches around 🥴

I bought some maternity overalls the other week and they finally arrived and they might be my favorite purchase ever for maternity clothes. Also, give me all the sweatpants and tank tops cuz hot flashes are for real this time.

Not much else is new I suppose. Just staying busy, working, and trying to get as much sleep as possible right now (it’s tough cuz I have to pee like 2-3 times a night).

Hope you’re having a swell start to 2020 and are having the kind of weather we are having today. It’s gorgi and I’ll be outside until 7pm.

Thanks for tuning in. See ya in 4 weeks 🙂