Here I am, looking out the window at the rain falling. It’s quite relaxing actually. Lots going on this week and I just needed to take a little time for myself this morning. PS I just licked the foam off my pumpkin cream cold brew and it tasted like pumpkin pie…YUM.

So, it’s already Wednesday which is nuts because seriously these days go by way to quickly. How does one make time slow the eff down? If you have the answer, please let me know. Thanks.

So, after a very rainy week last week, it finally stopped and I was able to take Ruthie to the State Park for a nice hike…she actually got 2 hikes last weekend….what a queen. She loves hiking as much as me (at least I think so). I really appreciate our time together now that I don’t get to spend as much QT time with her as we used to. She likes it too. I can tell because she gives me this look like “Yeah mom, girl time. Woo!”

Harry turns one on Tuesday. WHAT THE ACTUAL EFF. He’s a giant, he loves eating uncrustables and drinking milk, he loves bath time and music, he loves his dog, he loves walks, and he’s finally getting better at going to sleep.


2019-09-17 06.43.58 1.jpg

Processed with VSCO with preset

We are throwing a little Birthday bash for him Sunday and I really hope he survives all the excitement haha. He’s not great with crowds and gets a little freaked out so I’m crossing my fingers he takes a good morning nap, eats cake, and is a little angel.

2019-09-14 04.37.43 1.jpg

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Today was leg day and I’m afraid to stand up as I can already feel my leggies are wobbly. I have been working on my back squat and did 1 set of 10 reps at 130 today and almost pooped myself from excitement (or maybe it was the coffee I chugged pre-workout).

Yeah, I use coffee as pre-workout. And for me, it works. Anywho, I feel like I’ve been doing more strength workouts lately than cardio/hiit workouts and that’s ok. I think I got kind of burned out/bored from those. Plus lifting heavy things makes me feel like a BAMF so I’ll take that.

Well, I’m gonna go shave my legs because they feel like carpet.

Have a fab Wednesday.




Hey, Hello, Hi

Hey. It’s the middle of September and I had a breakdown this week. Just ask Sam. He went to hug me and I had so much snot running out of my nostrils I ran away. Gross. I just have those days ya know…everything seems like it is going in the wrong direction, Harry is almost one year old, our house hasn’t sold yet…I just started panicking and next thing I know I’m a puddle. But Sam is the best and calmed me down and while I’m still having moments, I feel loads better. Nothing wine, a good workout, puppy cuddles and baby kisses can’t fix right? Sorry for unloading but that felt good 🙂

So moving on…have you tried the Pumpkin Cold Brew from Starbucks yet? I have, I’m obsessed, and I slightly wish I never tried it because now I’m throwing all my extra “bucks” (get it) to the mermaid. Oh well, YOLO. In case you don’t know what I’m talking about, let me show you.

2019-09-07 08.43.53 1.jpg

Fall in a cup

Speaking of fall, this week was rainy and cold and I kind of loved it. I need to get some fall clothes real fast before this weather is here to stay.

As the weather changes, all I want to do is drink coffee, journal, online shop, and bake. If I could just do those things all day that would be stellar. Thanks.

Other things from this week…I’ve been trying to get to the willow once a week to go for an 8 ish mile trail run. It is something I really look forward to and I’m kind of sort of training for a race in October. The leaves are already changing and it’s so beautiful out.

2019-09-02 07.22.00 1.jpg

Best Place.

I got some great squat workouts in this week and hit a new PR in my 10 rep back squat. That was really cool and made me feel super strong. #roadto150

I also feel like I didn’t eat as many sweets this week which is cuckoo for me so I’ll probably eat a big bowl of ice cream or a piece of cake or something later tonight since my sugar intake is probably low hehe.

Now I’m hungry.

I’m off to take a salt bath-I got this CBD oil bath bomb thing and I’m super curious as to what it is. I’ll update you next time.

Have a great weekend!



Is it Fall?

I LOVE this weather! SO much. I do think it’s a little goofy that the PSL’s and all things pumpkin are out already since it’s technically still fall BUT, it’s here so lets embrace it? OK.

Also, I’m super pumped right now because I got my son down for a nap. I can never get him to sleep so I just cave and let him stay awake. But today, I got him…mwah hahahaha. Sucker.

That gives me about 60 minutes (if I’m lucky) to do laundry, dishes, make some overnight oats as I’m trying to eat better, drink coffee, and catch up on some trashy reality TV. Oofdah. Time is not on my side.

2019-08-30 06.15.46 1.jpg

Patio Baby

So speaking of healthier eating…lately I have not had much of an appetite. I usually have coffee for breakfast, a sub or salad for lunch, and by the time dinner rolls around (usually at 8 PM after the kiddo is asleep), I have no energy to make anything. I typically eat a cookie and call it a night. Not good.

Last week I did make some rice and chicken and that was all I wanted. I tossed it all in a bowl, topped it with cottage cheese and mustard, and devoured that stuff. MMM. Now that’s all I want.

I’m made some protein pancakes this morning (Harry loved them) and am about to mix together some pumpkin overnight oats. Getting back on that meal prep train! Choo Choo.

I’m reading a book about building strength and it talks about how important it is to eat protein before and after a lifting session so I’m also trying to get better at that cuz currently I usually eat nothing before working out and just drink coffee post workout. Grow muscles grow!

So these past two weeks I have had ZERO energy. I have snoozed my alarm and layed in bed an hour past my alarm was set for. All I want to do is snuggle up with Ruthie and hide under the covers. what the heck. I’ve missed about 4 workouts I had planned and that just led me to feeling bad about myself.

So this week I’m vowing to get back to my normal routine. I just feel so much better when I workout first thing in the morning. Today I got up and did the following.

20 minutes: 100 Burpees as fast as possible then…As many rounds as possible…

5 pullups

10 pushups

15 deadlifts

20 air squats

And holy moly that was a fun one. I’m hoping to get in a good trail run/hike tomorrow and go from there. Here’s to being healthy and being good to yourself. I also plan on taking a nice long epsom salt bath tonight. EEE.

2019-08-28 07.18.36 1.jpg

Processed with VSCO with preset

So Harry turns 1 this month and I’m really struggling with this. I feel like his first year of life went by so fast. I wish I had more time to spend with him at this age. I know I have 17 years left until he doesn’t need me anymore but I just want to do all the things with him like go to the zoo, the pumpkin patch…you get it. It’s super tough though when Sam and I are usually working weekends now. I feel like we can’t do much as a family and it’s been really hard. I’m probably just being dramatic but I’d love any suggestions on how to balance work/family life. Thanks 🙂

OK, time to go make my oats. Have the best day.





LOL I Guess It’s Almost September

WHAT THE HECK. How is it the end of August? I just don’t understand. How am I already planning my baby’s 1st Birthday Party. NO. NO. But also yes because he is the perfect age right now and is just hilarious. Harry turns 11 months old on Friday. He’s super chatty, loves to sing, could eat bananas and avocados all day long, loves going for walks, loves Ruthie, still thinks he’s a dog, loves bathtime, and is really good at giving kissies. He doesn’t like Chipotle, getting his dipey changed, or going to bed.

So it’s already been a month since last time and I feel like not much has happened. The biggest thing that happened was that my sister got MARRIED. YAY. It was the most perfect day, perfect weather, perfect venue….just everything. I don’t remember much past 9 PM LOL but that’s OK. It was my one night per year to get crazy and celebrate my fave lady.

2019-08-15 08.49.16 1.jpg

Great spot for a beach barbecue

I had to give a speech at the wedding dinner and I’d say it went well…except for the part where I called their dog “The Golden Teddle Doody.” I meant to say “Teddy the Golden Doodle.” Oh well. It all worked out.

The food was fab, the dancing was fun, and the photobooth was just a blast. Ugh, I want to do it all over again.

Sam and I even got in some fun hiking together (this rarely happens hehe) and we slid down the Alpine Slide. I wish I would have gone faster but it was a super cool experience. If you’re in Lutsen, try it.

2019-08-17 08.24.31 1.jpg

Processed with VSCO with c1 preset

2019-08-17 08.53.38 1.jpg

Processed with VSCO with c1 preset

Other than that, I feel like life has been the same. Oh, except I can’t stop drinking the new LaCroix flavor…HELP.

2019-08-14 05.50.20 1.jpg

Processed with VSCO with f2 preset

I’ve been making it to the gym 3-5 times a week so I’ll give myself a pat on the back for that and typically run 3 days a week. On wednesday I usually do my longer trail run at the willow river state park. I’m still not sick of that place.

At the gym I’ve been trying to do heavier lifting like deadlifts and presses mixed in with some stuff like lateral lunges, box jumps, snatches, and sprints. Gotta keep it fun and exciting ya know.

Eating has been…lets just say MEH. I keep telling myself…”OK, today is the last time I’m going to have ice cream”…then I find myself indulging in a bucket of it the next evening…I guess I’ll never be able to give up the sweet stuff.

I do try to balance out my sweets by eating lots of veggies/protein. Lately my fave snack is hummus and cut up veggies. Or fresh grilled kebabs. I could eat this stuff all year long. Maybe I will.

I’m getting pumped for the fall weather/fall foods. Hello soups and stews, pot roast, pumpkin pie, and everything else that comes with cooler weather.

OH, I almost forgot. Our house is on the market. YAY. It’s a big relief but also a big stress because we just want to sell it and move on. It will happen when it’s meant to happen though right?

Okay, my LaCroix is gone so I must go find something else to drink.



I Guess it’s August

Lately, all I want to do is shop. I have about 12 things in my online shopping cart at Gap kids. I have a ball pit and sports center in my Buy Buy Baby cart…and don’t even get me started on my Nordstrom’s cart. Sam would flick me if I purchased any of these items…but there are so many cute things out there for Harry. Yes, for Harry. I’m not even telling you about the things I have in the shopping cart for myself LOL.

Anyone else feel like this? I feel as though I’ve been doing a decent job of saving my cash money over the past couple months but now all I want to do is spend spend spend some more. SLOW YOUR ROLL CHILD. I blame Harry. And coffee. OMG I didn’t even think about getting Ruthie anything either…bad dog mom alert. I mean look at the little princess monkey. Yes, I call  my dog a “princess monkey.” Don’t know why or how that started but it did and she loves it.

2019-07-15 03.41.23 1.jpg

Get your paw out of my cupholder gurrrrrl

OK, moving on.  I just finished a fabulous run at the Long Lake park and feel like a million bucks…sort of hehe. My hamstrings are V tight and I can feel my tilted pelvis having an affect on my ability to run lately. Whatever. Girls gotta get those miles in before the Gopher to Badger half next sat. Yikes. I haven’t done a road race in quite some time and I’m nervous I’m going to have to poop.

You see the nice thing about trail running is that if you happen to have to drop a turd in the middle of your run you can just hop into the trees. I think they’d frown upon that in a road race. Dear bowels, hold yourselves together.

So this is my second time posting this week and I’m like shocked at myself. I’m sitting at this cute little coffee shop in my town that I’ve always wanted to go to but never have. Cheers to trying new things. I just downed an insane mocha and am wired.

Sam and I have been getting our house ready to list and yesterday my parents stopped over and helped us with some stuff. My dad powerwashed the shit out of our siding and it looks great. My mom helped me weed around the house…she’s an angel. Sam worked on finishing the fence, and Ruthie bathed herself in the sun. What a diva girl.

2019-07-30 04.50.49 1.jpg

I found lots of frogs and spiders in here…vom

Our hope is to get our house on the market next week. Part of me is super thrilled but the other part of me is a tad sad. We’ve been here for five years and this house holds so many mems. Our first house. We brought Ruthie home to this house (I’ll never forget her jumping into our bed on her first night with us. She has never left hehe).

Harry was conceived in this house (TMI-whatever), Sam turned 30 in this house…I drove my car into a flood in front of this house…the list goes on. House, I may have complained a lot about you but in actuality, you’ve been a great first house. I love you.

OMG I just realized I have a bag full of groceries in my trunk and should probably get going but I’m so comfy here at this table.

OK fine I’ll go. But here’s a pic of Harry before I do.

2019-07-29 03.16.51 1.jpg

Thanks for tuning in, catch ya next time!


I’m Still Here

Hello there. I have the day off today and it’s weird. Figured I’d catch up on some stuff around the house then realized I haven’t blogged in about hmmm 100 days so here we are. All feels right in the world.

I started my day with a GIANT mug of iced coffee then dropped the dog off at day camp so she can play with her besties. Then I zoomed over to the gym to get in a lil  workout. It was cool. I did the following:

12 min AMRAP:

3-5 pullups

10 push ups

15 air squats

20 heavy KB deadlifts…then…

5x 3 pause banded front squats (trying to work on my form so been using bands around my legs…also hello butt burn)

Superset 5×8 heavy backward stepping lunges

FUN. I’ve also been adding in more core work and my core is weak after giving birth 10 month ago. So I do stuff like planks, situps, hip thrusts…you get it. Anyway, going to the gym is finally fun again and I actually look forward to it…most days. Except yesterday hehe.

2019-07-29 08.19.36 1.jpg

Daily ice cream flowing through the veins

Speaking of that…I had no desire to go to the gym yesterday. I just wanted to hang out with my kid and dog. So I got creative. I put harry in a laundry basket, stuff some pillows around him, and began pushing him up and down the living room. My butt, shoulder, and core were on fire and Harry was having a blast. I’m learning to get creative and learning that it’s OK to skip the gym every once in a while 🙂

I’ve also been back to running! Trail running, running in the cities, and pushing Harry in the jogger are all the forms of running I’ve been doing. I can never go as long with the jogger on account of it’s hard. So hard. But it’s something my son and I can do together and I hope it’s teaching him how fun running can be. He and I have some great conversations on our weekly runs together LOL.

So lets chat Harry for a sec. He’s 10 freaking months old. In two months we will have a one year old and I’m not OK with that. These past months have been the best. They’ve also been emotional. Harry got his first head bump bruise (cuz the kid is non-stop) and I cried my eyes out. I also felt like a terrible mom at that point but have gotten over that.

He LOVES playing with any sort of ball…basketball, foam ball, soccer ball. He’s also very talented when it comes to throwing said ball. He enjoys avocado more than anything. I tried feeding him chipotle last week but the chicken was too spicy (another bad mom moment) and he spit it out.

2019-07-28 02.11.45 1.jpg

Kisses from my bebe

He’s great at giving kisses, loves being in the water, loves his sister Ruthie more than anything, and is overall a happy kid. Unless it’s bedtime. Then he’s a turd. But that’s okay. He’s a cute turd. I’m ready for another Harry though…maybe for my 30th birthday? Only time will tell 🙂

Summer has been a blast and Sam has given me every Wednesday off. I take these Wednesday’s as my time to rejuvenate, relax, and get shit done. I usually start with a trail run at the State Park followed by breakfast at Urban Olive and Vine or the MPC Bakery. Then Sam and I usually spend the rest of the day prepping our house as we are getting ready to sell or, on rare occasion, we golf.

My diet lately has been all over the place. Most days I try to eat “healthy-ish.” Been craving grilled chicken like non-other and hamburgers on the grill because summer. Also, a good ole all natural margarita. And this summer I’ve been drinking a lot of beer. I’m not a beer gal but the summer beers of 2019 have been swell. Mango blonde, shandy’s, mango cart…you get it. Also, ice cream. Give. Me. All. The. Ice. Cream. My night always ends with a big bowl of melty ice cream with chocolate chips. Holler.

2019-07-14 07.45.01 1.jpg

Processed with VSCO with f2 preset

But in all seriousness, since fall is coming, my goal is to get back on the Sunday meal prep train. Hello overnight oats, instapot goodness, pot roast, soups, YES.

I feel like that is all for today. Harry and I are heading over to Long Lake Park for a run and swing capped off by his very first ice cream experience.

Have a lovely day and end of July!



No matter what time of day that damn baby shark song is always in my head. I start singing it out loud and Harry just starts laughing…he’s either laughing at the song or my attempt to sing the song…so I got him some shark PJS to go along with the shark theme in his life. PS tell me you’re not humming along in your head right now…baby shark do do do do do…

2019-06-16 06.44.14 1.jpg

Harry has been a good little boy lately. He recently discovered he can crawl super fast, chase Ruthie, and grab her tail. It’s his most favorite activity and they spend countless hours playing together now.

I have started introducing some human foods like avocado and banana and gave him half of a coffee donut to celebrate Father’s Day. He liked the donut (a boy after my own heart) but was a little unsure of how to eat the banana. I’ll keep trying. I also accidentially gave him a tiny sip of my sour Kool Aid Jammer…lets just say the kid does not have my obsession for sour snacks.

2019-06-16 01.33.57 1.jpg

Father’s Day boys

The one thing Harry still doesn’t like is napping. He won’t take naps during the day. He then sleeps from about 7:30 PM-6 AM so I guess I’ll take that instead. Nutso boy just always on the go.

So lately all I’ve been craving is Summer Shandy (any brand), sour candies, and pickles (I know what you’re thinking…). I guess I need some salt, and sour in my life. I used to hate summer shandy and now I just can’t get enough of it. The perfect summer treat. PS I told Sam yesterday that I’m over donuts…then proceeded to eat 2…He goes…”I thought you were over donuts?” I said, “I lied.”

Last week my sister had her first wedding shower and it was so great. It was lovely to see family, eat good food, and play some fun games. A lot of people hate the games at showers but to me, they are the best part. After the shower we had to make a stop at our favorite ice cream shop, Brick’s. Molly and I both got zebra cones…seriously THEE BEST.

2019-06-13 08.16.09 1.jpg

Ice Cream or bust!

So workouts lately have been ight. I’ve enjoyed doing burpees in the grass, that’s fun. I did a fast lil thing this afternoon and literally had to lay on the floor after on account of I thought I was going to pass out. It involved tread sprints, cleans, and bar facing burpeees and it was a goodie. For some reason, fast-heaving lifting workouts are my jam right now with fast bursts of cardio. Otherwise I find myself getting uber bored.

I also just signed up for the harder n heck half marathon on the Superior Hiking trail. Some new trail shoes came in the mail Saturday so I’m super motivated now 🙂 Also, summer trail running as the sun rises is my jam. Also, toast and jam sounds so good right now. Yes, I’m hungry.

I just realized Harry turns one in about 3 months and might have started crying so I’m off to drink my sorrows away in wine and chocolate. I also turn 30 in about 4 months and am SO excited. I think 30’s are going to be a thrill of a time.

Have a fab night peeps.