Spring has sprung and the people are happy

Hi there,

I’m sitting on my stoop and realizing the last time this happened, I had a human growing inside me. That is just nuts. I am so happy Harry is outside now but to be honest I actually kind of enjoyed being pregnant. Is that weird?

My little guy turns 6 months old on Sunday and I just can’t believe it. I feel like he’s been here forever and can’t imagine what life was like without him. He makes me laugh every single day. He’s shown me how to love just a little bit harder. He’s taught me to be patient, not to take life too seriously, and that bananas and oats are a good combination.

2019-03-22 04.00.21 1.jpg

Photo Credit: Aunt Alex

He’s about 30 inches tall, no clue what he weighs (his doc appt is April 2nd), he has this fake cough he enjoys doing, and he smiles for days. He’s obsessed with the Baby Shark song and is really good at holding items. He loves going for long walks and is good at napping in his carseat.

2019-03-22 04.00.19 1.jpg

How are you half a year old?

Spring came this week and everyone is thrilled. You can just feel the happiness radiating in people. Everyone seems to smile just a little bigger, chat just a little longer and I am all about it. Ruthie has been thrilled with this warmth as she is actually a cat and likes to bask in the sun as long as she can. She won’t walk outside in anything less than 20 degrees. She’s nuts. But I love her so much.

2019-03-22 04.00.22 1.jpg

My #1 girl

Ruthie and Harry get along so well and I’m so happy. I can’t wait til they start to play with each other and chase each other around. BFFs for life.

So, what else is new this week? Not a ton. I did make it to the gym 3 times as I’m starting a new squat program and it’s going well I suppose. My current 5 rep max is around 135 pounds and I’m hoping to increase that by 40 pounds in 6 weeks. Lifting and running are about the only things that sounds fun right now. I’m kind of over the 15 minute amrap type workouts at the moment and find myself getting bored about 5 minutes in. Help.

My diet this week pretty much consisted of salads, subs, cookies, chocolate milk, a few vanilla coke zeros, trail mix Cliff Bars, and oatmeal. Man, I eat like a 10 year old boy. I’m trying to get back into good eating habits and am hoping to prep some good stuff this weekend…and lay off the cookies next week. But, that’s unlikely. I just can’t help myself. Especially when they are fresh out of the oven. I literally have an addiction. It’s not good…or is it?

Cool, now I’m hungry.

Is it just me or does this weather make you want to clean your house/organize all the shit that’s collected over the winter? I’m in the mood to throw out stuff, donate stuff, clean all the carpets again, deep clean the bathroom, wash all the sheets…you get it. I’m also in the mood to plan a road trip for the summer, goal plan, and buy some new shorts. It might be a little too early for that though…it’s only 49 degrees out.

Okay, I guess that’s all for now. Cheers to a lovely, adventurous weekend full of margaritas (yes, I can finally have them again), good food, many laughs, and lots of love.




Life Update #301

Guess what? I made it to the gym 3 days in a row. Normally that would be normal for meΒ  but lately I find every excuse not to go. So this is a big deal. I think I have a lot of fuel from all the carbs I’ve been consuming lately. Most people are on a low carb diet…I’m on a high carb diet (last night for dinner I had 2 huge hunks of this amazing chocolate eclair cake my mom made…I just couldn’t stop eating it. I might have had a slice for breakfast too…HELP).

So this morning as much as I wanted to turn off my alarm at 5:20, I got up, put on my hat, and ran to the gym. Once to the gym I got in a nice little workout…I had planned on doing a 15 minute AMRAP but that sounded boring so I shortened it to 10 minutes. Here’s what I did:

7 Heavy Hang Power Cleans

7 Farmer Carry Tall Box Step UPs

7 Pull UPs

21 American Swings

Minute 11: As many backward stepping lunges as possible

Then…4 sets of 8 bulgarian split lunges per leg (THESE SUCK) with weight on back

Superset 4 sets of 8 single leg deadlifts per leg holding weight

YO. Twas a doozy. Hoping this nicer weather will bring some more motivation.

Speaking of nicer weather…it’s getting to be iced coffee season. HOLLA. I make this iced coffee that I could probably drink a pitcher of. It’s extra strong brewed coffee, sweetened condensed milk, and espresso powder.

I’m especially excited for it this summer because last summer when I was growing a human inside me, this was the last thing I wanted. Bring on all the coffee treats.

Moving on to Harry. He’s almost 6 months old and I just can’t believe it. He’s really at a fun age now where he’s starting to react to things, I think he knows his name, he can say mama (at least I think so), he’s almost sitting up, and he has abs of steel. Harry told me he wants a brother for Christmas but I think we’re out of time already to give him that gift. Maybe he’ll get another doggie?

2019-03-17 07.01.40 1.jpg

Those little feet

Harry and I have been staying at my parents once or twice a week because they live about 7 minutes away from the Subhouse. I don’t know why but whenever we stay there I just want to snuggle my little boy so I always sneak him in to the big king size bed with me in the middle of the night. Bad, I know but I put a barrier of pillows around him so he can’t fall off. And he holds my hand the rest of the night. Ugh. I seriously can’t get over his sweetness.

2019-03-17 07.01.38 1.jpg

Baby Shark do do do do

In other news my sister is getting married in 5 months and I have the honor of being her MOH. SCARY. I have to give a speech. I literally start sweating just thinking about this. I am no public speaker. I get really nervous and talk in a really high pitched voice and will probably say something really stupid…like Oh my gosh I think I’m going to pee. I asked her if I could just sing a song instead…she said my voice isn’t good enough for a show in public yet. Maybe I’ll just write a poem? OR do a magic trick? OR do a presentation on how to make a sub?

BUT, I do get to plan her bachlorette party and am so excited for it. I made these cute invitations and am so excited for everything plaid/buffalo check. The theme is lumberlady since my sister is very outdoorsy. I’m thinking a trail mix bar, lots of swimming…maybe we will sleep in the trees or something? I don’t think I’ve ever been in a wedding before so this whole planning thing is all new to me πŸ™‚

OKAY, I better go straighten my bangs and get ready for the day. Sam and I work in the shop all day today and I’m so excited to spend the day with him. He might not be that excited to spend it with me…but I bet he is.

Catch ya later!



Coffee. Coffee. Coffee. Coffee. I love coffee. This morning I spiced mine up with some espresso powder and I really think that was an excellent idea. I will soon be bouncing around the house.

So on Saturday they said we were supposed to get a monster of a snow storm. I kept telling people I thought it was just a conspiracy theory to get people out to the stores to spend money. I mean I went to the grocery store at 9 AM on Friday and it was NUTS. I think it’s all a big plot to stimulate the economy. I mean I was kind of right? They kept saying we would get 10-12 inches…I think we got 3-5. Terrible estimate people.

2019-03-10 06.18.34 1.jpg

The snowbanks are taller than me. Good Bye winter.

Now it’s going to rain the next 5 days…we are in for another wild weather week. Yahoo.

Harry started teething. He wants to put everything in his mouth. He drools non-stop. And he’s not really into eating his baby food right now. I don’t blame the poor kid. My mouth hurts just thinking about teeth popping out of my gums right now. But he’s still mostly his happy, goofy self.

I’m wondering if maybe he’s hanging around Ruthie too much though. He’s starting to pant like a dog sometimes and likes to lick my face. I hope he doesn’t think HE’S a dog. That would be really weird. But funny.

2019-03-10 06.18.32 1.jpg

They LOVE each other

So last week I talked about how I was gaining motivation to get my butt to the gym. This week (yes, it’s only Tuesday) I feel a lot less motivated. I did get to the gym yesterday but barely. I did not want to get out of bed. I blame daylight savings time for my extra sluggishness. Today, I managed a 2.5 mile run outside (FINALLY!!!) but found myself wishing for the end. CMON Hale, get back in it. FOCUS. It’s just so hard to enjoy working out right now. I really just want to go for walks, eat cookies, and de-clutter my house. I feel like I’m nesting again. Is that possible? LOL. NO I’m not pregnant.

I’m rambling again. The caffeine is kickin in. Back to the gym. I really should go right now but I’m so content sitting on the couch watching the news. Then I tell myself I’ll go tonight…that usually turns in to meh I’ll go tomorrow. How do you stay motivated?? Maybe it’s time to switch up the ole routine and try something new? I need to get back on the trails. UGH. I’ll update you next week on how the rest of the week goes.

I also have not made a meal in like 2 months. My mom has been an angel and has been meal prepping for Sam and I. I seriously think I forgot how to make anything but oatmeal and subs. I have been eating a lot of Clif Bars and that’s cool. But I think this week it’s time to get back in the kitchen.

OK, that’s really all that’s going on over here except I have the travel bug and want to go on a road trip. Or to Vegas. I don’t know why but that sounds fun.

Have a great day, be smart, have fun!




Gaining Motivation

Good Morning nah nah nah nah.

I just figured out how to do my own sales tax and feel like a real business owner now.

But, I have a problem. Ever since I started at the Subhouse, my cookie intake has doubled, I’ve consumed more bread in the past 6 weeks than I have in years, and I am now addicted to Bai. BUT, I’m happy. So win win?

Life is starting to settle back in to a routine and things are less hectic. I still have my moments where I stress myself out but I’ve found keeping a checklist of things I need to accomplish every day really helps ease the stress/anxiousness.

My day pretty much goes like this: wake up at 4:15 and go to the gym (on a good day).

Shower, get ready, and out the door by 6:20 AM. Drink all the coffee on the drive in.

7AM Open Subhouse. 9AM Run to the bank, store, accountant…etc

10AM-4PM Make subs πŸ™‚

4:15 PM Drive home

5:00 PUMP, Take the dog for a walk, laundry, hold my child

5:30-7PM Family Time/Scarf down dinner

8:45 PM-9:15 Bedtime

I’d say that’s a pretty fun day if you ask me πŸ™‚

Moving on to Harry. He is really into baby food right now. Over the weekend my mom and I used the baby bullet and prepped some homemade baby food. It was SO easy and you could tell how fresh the food was.

2019-03-06 08.41.41 1.jpg

Processed with VSCO with preset

It took us about 15 minutes and maybe $4.00 to make all the food. I chose banana, avocado, and peas. He loved the banana and avo. The peas were a little too chunky and he spit those out. Such a foodie.

2019-03-06 08.41.43 1.jpg

Green Beauty

I hope to make carrots, sweet potato, and avocado again this weekend. Speaking of weekend, it’s supposed to snow a freaking foot here. SO i’m stocking up on meal prep and baby food prep items, getting a book from the library, and planning on snuggling in with the fam from Saturday afternoon to Sunday night. Sounds good to me.

Now on to the gym. This week has actually been a little better than previous weeks. For some reason I feel a little more energized and motivated. I think it’s because the sun’s been shining…or maybe it’s the cookies talking πŸ™‚ I made it to the gym 4 times this week. Yay. My favorite workout was the one from yesterday. Here’s how it went:

5 Rounds for time:

12 back squat

6 Heavy Farmer carry step ups (my butt)

6 Pull ups (I still need a band)

Then…4 sets of 3 heavy back squat (for me it was 115 pounds)

Supersetted with 4 sets of 15 straight legged deadlifts.

SO fun. My butt today is like “hey, I’m here.”

Now I just need to start running again and all will be well in the world.

Time to work on payroll for the week. Have a super great day.

Have fun, be safe, and laugh a little.



Da UP yah


My, time flies. Can you believe tomorrow is already March? Bring on Spring, man. I think everyone in the midwest is ready.

So, each February my whole fam takes a trip to Michigan to partake in snowy activities. My brother flies in from New Yawk, my sister and her fiance drive in from Duluth, and my parents and Sam and I head over from the cities area (this year my parents took Harry with them a day early and broke up the drive so he didn’t have to sit in a carseat for 6 hours…how kind).

I always look forward to this family weekend. Since we’re way up in MI, you hardly get cell service. Nobody really looks at their phones, we play loads of Yahtzee and five crowns. My mom makes a ton of amazing food and we just relax and enjoy the company and fire. It’s seriously the best.

This year the snow was insane. It was prime snowshoeing snow. Fluffy and deep. I think we snowshoed every day. The fresh air is the best medicine for the winter blues. Harry even got to snowshoe.

On Saturday afternoon, we took a wooded snowshoe hike through the woods. Everything was going great until I was trekking along and suddenly found myself deep in a hole. I tried pulling my snowshoe out but it was caught under a huge tree branch. I panicked. Luckily Sam and Molly (my sister) were there to calm me down. They helped me remove my shoe and assisted me out of the hole. That was a close call LOL. The only other tragedy that happened over the weekend that scarred me…as I let out a little toot (due to large amounts of baked beans) I accidentally tinkled. I blame Harry for giving me a weak bladder.

Anyway, back to snowshoeing. The whole family took a nice hike up to the ski hill on afternoon. My dad and brother brought along these wine skins full of wine and we enjoyed a toast after all our hard work. I love my family.

2019-02-28 04.04.09 1.jpg

Everyone minus Alison!

I can’t believe the weekend is already over but I am so glad everyone made it home safe. The weather the day we left was v sketchy and there were a couple times I wondered if we’d make it home. Thank goodness Sam is a calm driver πŸ™‚

So, what else is new? Not much. I smell like a sub every day but I don’t mind. I feel so lucky to finally have a job I like going to. Like they say, it’s not work when you like it. Can’t believe we’ve already been in this thing for a month. Thankful for every day of being a small business owner. I also discovered I really enjoy creating new sub recipes. Like this one…peanut butter, and bacon. Next time I’m adding our cran dijon sauce. Don’t knock it til you try it.

2019-02-28 04.04.11 1.jpg

A little sweet, a little salty

Hey guess what!? I got a good workout in today and feel refreshed. I seriously have been in a slump lately. NO motivation. I just want to work and come home and snuggle my babies. I told Sam starting March 1st I’m getting back on the motivation train. I’ll let you know how that goes tomorrow hehe. I already have my alarm set for 4:30 and everything. woof. All I have on my mind are Subhouse cookies. Maybe that explains why my face has been itchy and I’ve been getting zits. TMI.

2019-02-20 12.07.36 1.jpg

I have a sugar addiction. HELP.

OK I’m rambling and you’re probably bored. So here’s one word of advice before I go make a real dinner that doesn’t involve deli meat and bread…if you’re wanting to try something new, shit, go for it. I mean what have you got to lose? Maybe a little money? Maybe a little bit of your free time? I swear it’s so worth it. Just give it a shot. At least you’ll know you tried.

That is all. Goodnight.

-Hales the Sub maker

Little Life Update

Man, I should change my blog name…because I have not been doing much running lately…more like running from the Subshop to the grocery store to the bank to pick up my child to go home to make dinner to pump to do a speedy at home workout to go to sleep then do it all over again.

Sam and I have officially owned the Subhouse for 3 weeks and it’s been the busiest but most rewarding 3 weeks of my life. I am so glad we took this leap and went for something we’ve always wanted to do. Let me tell you, it hasn’t all been rainbows and kittens. My third day in I broke down and cried to my mom and Sam. I wondered wtf I had gotten myself into. They calmed me down and since that day I’ve been taking it one day at a time.

The staff has been amazing and I seriously couldn’t have asked for a better group of people to work with. Thanks for following our small business journey and for all the support. Sam and I could not do this without you all πŸ™‚

2019-02-17 06.56.35 1.jpg

It’s been a while since my last post on account of the above image. Sam and I now have an almost 5 month old and I cannot believe it. I have never loved anything as much as I love Harry besides my family and Ruthie…and maybe sugar.

He is really turning into a fine young man. He giggles, sucks on his hands non-stop, drools like crazy, enjoys eating peas and oat cereal, is really close to rolling over, has abs of steel due to all the leg lifts he does, and is really close to saying mama.

2019-02-17 06.56.33 1.jpg

Mama’s boy ❀

Here in the midwest we’ve had a crap ton of snow…in preparation for our annual trip to Michigan to snowshoe, we took Harrison out in his brand new sled last week. And he didn’t hate it! He just sat back and took it all in. He sometimes even opened his mouth to let the snowflakes in. Must be weird experiencing snowfall for the first time.


2019-02-17 06.56.31 1.jpg


The whole fam will be heading to the Porcupine Mountains later this week for our family vacation to ski and snowshoe and we are so so so excited for a few days in the wilderness with no phones, lots of wine, and snow.

So, I’ve been eating a ton of subs lately…the other day I even had 2…one for breakfast and one for dinner. I just love them so much. I’ve also been indulging in about a cookie or 2 a day and some fun lattes. HELP.

My motivation to get to the gym has just about flown out the window. I’ve been trying to get there 3 times a week and have been doing some at home workouts just to stay active. I have not been running at all (maybe 3-5 miles a week) but I blame the weather for that. I do get a ton of steps in at work so I count that as excercise hehe.

I’m not even mad about it though because at this point in my life there are far more important things than working out and as long as I can still enjoy a cookie or two and fit in my jeans I’m pretty cool with how things are right now. I’ll start working on my summer body about mid march I think? LOL

OK, I think I need more coffee and a pumpkin bar. I hope you have a lovely Sunday and get to do some fun things!



Girls Can Do Pullups, Bro.

Good morning!

Little Hare Bear stayed at Grandma and Grandpa’s house last night so Sam and I could do some house chores/paint/relax on account of a very busy time in our lives currently. Of course when I asked my mom this morning how the little monkey slept she said he slept from 8-3 and 4-7 am. HARRY! He never sleeps that long with us. Must be grandma’s magic touch and grandpa’s rocking skills. They also got him this cool play thing and it sounds like he started scooting around it. My lil bear is so grown up.

2019-01-20 07.38.48 1.jpg

Harry! Read your newspaper!

Harry also had his first taste of oatmeal cereal this week. He was very unsure of the stuff and cried a lot while I tried to spoon feed it to him. That’s OK, I’d probably cry too if I went 4 months just drinking my food then all of a sudden had someone shoving a weird shaped object into my mouth with a new taste. Sam and I will keep trying…he’ll eventually learn that this stuff is good and keeps his belly fuller right?

So it’s currently like 6 below zero or something so I plan on staying inside all day. Ruthie won’t walk when it’s this cold and I don’t blame her. Her little feetsies freeze so she pretty much stays snuggled in the recliner all day. She has daycare tomorrow though so that will get her some exercise and tire her out.

I’m getting better at my latte making skills as well. I learned the key is to fill the milk compartment up all the way because DUH a latte is steamed frothy milk and espresso. I was only putting a little milk in at the beginning and getting baby lattes. Now I’m getting grown up lattes. My next latte adventure is sure to include a lavendar latte.

2019-01-20 07.38.49 1.jpg


I feel like this week my workouts have been shit. I mean that’s not completely true but Sam and I have been so busy with a “project” (I’ll share more late this week) and I’ve been a tad stressed to say the least. I think I made it to the gym like 4 times but have had zero motivation/energy to do much. I do try to get 10,000 steps each day so there’s something.

I also went to the gym yesterday afternoon after consuming a cookie for energy and was feeling pretty good. I was doing some “kipping” pull ups when right during the middle of my workout some guy stopped me. He said “are you ‘trying’ to do kipping pull ups?” Right away my mood soured. Trying? No sir, I am doing.

He continued to lecture me on how kipping pull ups can tear all the ligaments in your shoulder blah blah blah. He said he’s done a lot of reading on them and that I should stick to pull ups with straps. OK. Thanks. How do you know I can’t do pull ups without straps first off. Second off, I’ve been doing kipping pull ups for years and am pretty sure all my shoulder ligaments are still in tact. Thirdly, I am not critiquing you on your workout (bicep curls do nothing for you so no I will not take your advice) so please let me do mine. I don’t know why but I got super upset at this encounter. Of course my mind immediately thought…”it’s because I’m a girl isn’t it?” Girls aren’t supposed to do pullups. B-O-L-O-G-N-A.

He kept trying to talk to me while I continued pushing through my workout and ignored him. Thanks for the concern but I’m fine.

Phew I can feel myself getting heated again. This is why I workout at 4:30 am because no one talks to you or interrupts you or gives you un-asked for advice.

So yes, on top of my already stressful week, this man made me feel not great about myself. So I did some sprints on the treadmill, went home, took a bath, then ate a large ice cream sundae topped with a brownie.

So lets talk about stress. It’s a nasty thing. I can always tell when I am stressed because I start getting zits, I get these nasty headaches between my eyeballs, I crave fast food/sugar, and I feel like I got run over by a large school bus.

This time around I know I’m really stressed because my typical daily bowel movements have ceased to exist since Thursday. That can really mess a girl up ya know. Now on top of having zits (I used to pop them but then realized how disgusting that is) I feel bloated and uncomfortable.

Yes. I’m stressed. But it’s all for good reasons. And I’m trying to keep it under control by writing down my stresses, making lists on how to complete each task in front of me, taking baths, drinking lots of water (and the occasional sweet treat), and talking things through with Sam. I also have to remind myself to take deep breaths and know that everything is going to work itself out in the end. Breathe. Relax. Breathe. Relax. Breathe. Relax. You got this girl.

Looking at pictures of Harry and Ruthie also release some of these stresses because they are pretty much my reason for everything. And Sam πŸ™‚

Okay, busy week ahead so I’m going to pick up Harry, do some meal prep with my mom, get a good workout in without any unwanted advice, snuggle my dog, maybe eat some Raising Cane’s, go to bed early, and wake up energized and ready to take on the world.

Happy Sunday my friends. Do something cool today.


-One Stressed but excited Hale