We bought a house!

It was worth the wait. After almost a year of looking, the perfect house fell right into place. Sam and I have purchased his childhood home and we couldn’t be more thrilled.

Our dreams of having land and a place for our kids to run, play, explore, dirt bike, and make memories has come true. We will have 5 acres of privacy! The house has a deck which is literally my dream feature. It’s got a fire place (also a dream), a garage (Sam’s dream…plus his Plymouth Valiant is still in there lol), great windows looking out over the woods…I feel like we are in a dream and just can’t wait to move in. We are so thrilled we could keep this gem in the fam.

Let the house projects begin! I’ve never really been good at designing but this time around I’m trying a little harder. Pinterest has been a giant help and while we are taking it slow and doing necessities first, my house board is just loaded with ideas.

Our new carpet gets installed Tuesday and we just got a new washer and dryer. Hello adult hood. Nothing like a new appliance to make you giddy.

This laundry room makes me excited to actually do laundry too.

Harry’s room is going to be a construction zone. He might even get a bulldozer bed for his 2nd birthday. Crozzy’s getting a neutral rainbow room and I can’t wait to see the finished product. Here’s some fun wall art I framed for her.

For our room (also has a deck, heck yeah) I’m thinking a retreat. A calm, cool color, a cozy bed, lots of pillows and a plush comforter…LOL a girl can dream right. I told Sam we need to upgrade to a king size bed for movie nights with the kids and dog…he said he has to measure first.

My last project I’m in charge of is the coffee bar. Sam let me go for this one and I’m extremely excited to see this come together. I ordered a beautiful buffet to place the coffee maker, latte maker, and supplies in and am thinking I’ll use chalkboard paint to paint behind it so we can doodle and write love notes. Thoughts?

I think we are both super excited to have something to take our minds off everything that is currently happening in this world. We can’t wait to see this project come together and make this our forever home.

Maybe in 2021 we can have a housewarming party? TBD.

Thanks for tuning in…here’s to putting on my Joanna Gaines hat and making magic happen.



3 weeks postpartum

I was talking to Crosby yesterday and apologized for bringing her into this world at the current times. It makes me sad what is happening in the world. Why is there so much hate? Why does the supposed leader of this country (LOL if you know me you know my thoughts on this) say and do things that creates a burning rage deep in my soul. Crosby will live her first months, maybe even years never seeing a facial expression because we are in a pandemic (wear your damn mask!). I’m all for the masks but it’s just tough thinking about your children in this world at this time.

Sorry rant over…at least she’s a baby and doesn’t do much yet. Harry on the other hand. He’s a busy boy and I feel like he’s missing out on so much right now. He can’t make friends. He can’t go to the library. He can’t play at the playground (well we go to the deserted playground by our house still and sanitize). It’s just tough. Thank goodness for family time and strollers because we’ve been going on a shit ton of walks. I must remember to focus on what we CAN do. Family time is everything.

Ok now rant over. It’s been 3 weeks already since the eve of Crosby’s birth. I. Cannot. Believe. It. I don’t do much these days but time seems to fly by even faster!

She’s a growing gal and def was cluster feeding yesterday. Lil snacks all day long. But she slept for 5 hour chunks at night and mom and dad were all for that!

She loves being held. She makes some pretty adorable faces. She’s already had like 4 poop explosions. And bath time is a real treat.

Harry is still loving on his sister which makes me so happy. They will be the best of friends, I’m hopeful.

So 4th trimester. Here we are. My mind is clear, my focus is on my children, and I’m doing the best I can. Let me tell you though, I have not cooked a meal since probably October 2019. YIKES. That’s when we moved in with my parents. I have forgotten how to cook. I baked muffins yesterday and they were so undercooked the insides were gooey. They still taste fab, I’ve just lost my cooking touch. Practice makes perfect so looks like I’ve got some muffin baking ahead of me.

I’ve been seeing the chiropractor 2x a week and am feeling great. Feeling so great I took a mini walk jog yesterday. While I did pee myself a little, it felt great to get out and move. I have also been focusing on strengthening my core (push ups, planks, kegels), and try to get in 1-2 hikes a week.

My belly button is poked out and I’m not sure it will ever return to normal but that’s ok with me. It reminds me I birthed two children and makes me smile. My boobs feel gigantic and every time I shower I turn into a milky mess.

BUT I wouldn’t have it any other way because mom life is my best life. I love my kids. I love my husband. I love my dog. I love being a mom.

Have a great weekend. You are strong. You are fierce. You can do tough things.



2 week check in

Crozzy D has officially been living it up for two weeks. 14 days with this little peanut. Second time around I feel much more relaxed.

She eats way better than her brother ever did. This time around I don’t feel as guilty if I pump and feed her a bottle here and there. It’s nice to know exactly how many oz she is eating per feeding. I still try to breastfeed first but to me it’s freaking hard. She sleeps at night but is pretty much awake and alert from 11am to 8pm lol.

She had her two week check up yesterday and besides a very goopy eye, everything is swell. She weighed in at 8 lbs 4 oz (yay almost gained a pound since our last visit) and has grandma Diane’s lil peanut head. She’s 21 inches long. Neat.

She enjoys walks, her brother, milk, and her blanket. She does not enjoy napping in her crib. That’s ok, more baby snuggles for me!

Raising a baby in a pandemic is odd but we are making the most of it. She got to visit her lady friends at the bank yesterday and that was a real treat. We even got to take her and her brother out to breakfast the other morning. Family trips are just everything right now.

Well, I must go fold the biggest pile of laundry now, have a fab day.



SELF love and care

After a much needed visit to the chiropractor Tuesday morning (Sam and my date mornings…coffee and chiro) I am finding myself more at ease with baby #2 (for the most part). We talked about the 4th trimester and how important it is to take a little me time every day (more on this later). We talked about positive self talk and how important this is for the little ones.

I’ve been doing a bit of journaling about positive self talk and body image lately. I’ve always struggled with this topic. I was not kind to my body or my mind throughout high school (it actually started in 8th grade…how sad is that). It took a trip to London for a semester in college to let myself live a little and unlearn my previous behaviors.

I am working so hard on telling myself how strong I am right now. I just gave birth to a healthy little girl. It’s time to take time to recover fully. I told Dr. Shelby I was feeling good, maybe I’d start running soon. NO Haley. Chillax. It hasn’t even been 2 weeks. And you know what? I’m chillaxing to the max.

Hikes and walks have been so great and feel amazing. I am visualizing myself running in the future and I feel strong AF because I am letting myself fully recover. I’m trying to drink a shit ton of water, eat more fruits and nuts, and have a glass of wine here and there.

I’m also trying to get in naps, eat well (for the most part hehe), take a bath here or there, and check in with myself every so often to remind myself I’m a badass mother, strong as can be. If anyone can do it, why not me! You can steal that little diddy if you’d like.

We also talked about being conscious of the things we say about ourselves…especially in front of our kids. Harry is the sweetest, kindest soul and I want him to stay that way. I want him to look at himself as strong, kind, brave, compassionate, sensitive, emotional, etc. if I talk negatively about myself, he might start doing the same (this is where I shed a tear). I never really thought about that.

I also want Croz to grow up loving herself and treating herself with kindness. Again, it starts with Sam and I because we are who these kiddos look up to. Mind blown.

I am making a conscious effort to do better for my kids. I’m also making a conscious effort to take a little time each day for myself.

Times are weird my friends but there are so many things to be thankful for. My daily gratitude journal is reminding me just how beautiful this life is.

Be kind to yourselves, you’re doing amazing.



Life update 235

I feel like a lot of my time lately is consumed by picking up poop. Ruthie poop, Harry poop, Crosby poop…I guess there could be worse shit to deal with (see what I did there?).

Now that Crosby has been home for over a week, I feel like we are hitting a groove. It’s been an adjustment going from 1 to 2 kids…especially when one needs a nap and one is hungry, but that has really been the only struggle so far.

Harry loves his sister so much and I feel incredibly lucky that our children are already getting along! He has only tried to sit on her once but I’m confident that was a one and done type thing. Harry loves kissing his sister and picking out her outfits.

As far as Crosberry (nickname from uncle Kyle) goes, she’s doing pretty great. The one thing I’m struggling with is getting her to nap in her crib. But she sleeps in it at night so that’s a win.

I really struggled breastfeeding with Harry and he lost quite a bit of weight right away. He was so sleepy and we had to wake him ever two hours to try to get some milk in him. Crosby is doing much better than her brother in the eating department. Girl loves her milk.

Let me tell you though…breastfeeding is tough shit for me. She is great on the left but won’t eat from the right (due to an inverted nip TMI). I know she’s doing well but the back of my mind still wonders if she’s getting enough. I do do a combo of pumping and bottle feeding and breastfeeding because it’s what works for me. I’m realizing every person is different and has a different story and if I need to bottle feed my baby, so be it. You can judge me but I don’t really care.

She has her two week check up Friday and I’m so excited to see what our doctor says. She’s alert and has her eyes open a ton. She makes silly faces and is snuggly as can be. I am trying to enjoy every moment with her because soon I will be back at work and this precious time will be a thing of the past (yes I’m struggling thinking about it). Anyway I’m incredibly grateful for all the family time we have been given these past weeks and I wouldn’t trade it for anything.

In other news, Sam and I have been busy getting our new house ready…well for Sam it’s an old house. We are currently in the process of buying his dad’s house and we couldn’t be more excited! It’s got land, a deck, and plenty of space for 2 kids and a dog. We are starting with the kid’s rooms and I’m so excited to paint and decorate. Will update more on this later.

Well that’s all for now! Toodles!


Crosby Diane

This time last week I was settling in to my nice, cozy hospital room. Sam and I had been waiting for this moment for the past couple weeks. The day had finally arrived.

We had packed lots of snacks, Yahtzee, 5 Gatorade’s, and our personal items. All was well.

Things started off pretty low key and slow. They started my petocin drip around 10:30AM at the lowest possible dose. I had petocin with Harrison and knew it worked wonders but also kicked the contractions from an 8 to an 800 (I’m being dramatic).

Here’s my shortened birth version:

It was tough. It was intense. I feel like my recovery is taking much longer this time than with Harry. I am trying to give myself grace and time but it’s a hard thing for me. I’m just trying to soak up every minute with this beautiful girl.

For recovery I’ve been doing a lot of walking and I discovered padsicles which are life changing. I’ve been trying to eat well but all I crave is ice cream. I lost a lot of blood so I’m just trying to take it easy (that’s not easy with a rambunctious almost 2 year old).

Harry LOVES his sister. He is obsessed. He gives her the best kisses and they hit it off instantly. I am so excited to watch their relationship grow. I literally cry every time he kisses her because hormones and it’s just the cutest thing.

Crosby also wore the same outfit home that I did. I suppose you could say she looks like me (Harry def looks like Sam).

She’s almost a week old and I can’t believe it. I can’t believe this little human was inside my belly one week ago. Crozzy D you are my peanut.

That is all. Thanks for reading our birth adventure.



41 weeks

Well today is the last day I will feel this baby kick my ribs. I am scheduled to get induced tomorrow at 7 am. I’m feeling good but it’s also a little weird knowing you can schedule the arrival of your child. I am just very excited to meet her. Plus, there’s literally no more room in my belly for her…my skin is literally stretched as far as it can go. Hang on lil girl, hopefully we will be holding you tomorrow!

I had to get tested for COVID yesterday and while the process was so easy and convenient, the test SUCKED. I might be a little emotional right now but man they shove that thing so far up your nose I thought my eyeball was going to pop out. My eye watered really bad but it went away after like 5 minutes.

Life this last week has been very chill. It’s been so hot that I’ve either been in the pool, in the air conditioning, or eating ice cream. My appetite has gone MIA but I blame the heat for that.

Harry has been just a hoot these past few days. He’s obsessed with dump trucks and only wants to play with them and read about them. He makes the silliest noises during dinner time and is getting more adventurous in the pool. Can’t wait for him to meet his sister.

Sam and I are hoping to do something fun with Harry tonight as a last hurrah as a fam of 3…I’m thinking a picnic by the river or ice cream and a walk. Other than that I plan to rest, relax, and maybe pop a few more squats as I won’t be working out for a while after tomorrow.

Thanks for following along on this extended journey-I will hopefully have a baby update post early next week.

Have a great weekend!



So this is What 40 weeks feels like…

Well, I for sure thought I’d have another small human to take care of at this point but baby girl is just chilling in the womb. I sure hope it’s cold in there cuz it’s hotter than shit out here. I normally love the heat and humidity but not when I’m 40 weeks preggo. I can’t stop sweating.

We had our 40 week appointment this morning and got another ultrasound which was fun. She’s about 7 lbs 4 oz (crazy they can tell that), has plenty of fluid left and her head was so far down the tech had a hard time getting a good pic of her. So any day now!

PS 4D ultrasounds are insane! She’s got Harry’s nose and dad’s lips, that’s for sure.

So we will just wait it out for now and eat all the ice cream and lime popsicles. I can guarantee we will have a baby by next Friday though as we scheduled and induction for 7am.

In the mean time I’m just chilling like a beached whale hehe. Been spending some quality time in the pool because that is where I fee the best. Harry loves the pool too so it’s something we can do together. Sam also likes the pool so it’s just a big ole fam jam time.

Harry recently also discovered his love for the sprinkler. We ran through it for about 2 hours yesterday and he was just full of giggles and soaking wet. Ah, to be a child with no cares in the world. Makes my heart swell with love.

Sam came home with a 12 pack of White Claws yesterday and I was like WTF. He has never had them and said he needed something light and fruity for by the pool. I love the lime one and was like eff you because I currently can’t drink one. He better save me at least 1! Hehe.

My burger craving is back and stronger than ever. I feel like I could eat a burger a day. My dad grilled some insane bacon cheeseburgers last night and I can’t wait to eat one in about 5 minutes for lunch. I’m also craving lasagna which is stupid cuz it’s 1000 degrees out. And butterfinger blizzards.

Last weekend I had two Culver’s Reese’s concrete mixers and one butterfinger blizzard and it was heaven. I should probably lay off the sugar but whatever.

I am shooting for 4 workouts a week and so far so good. Gotta get those squats in am I right! I keep telling myself doing a small workout a day is better than nothing right? We have also been going on plenty of family walks except for today cuz again, it’s 1000 degrees and I don’t want to give my fam heatstroke.

Well, I’m gonna take my swollen feet upstairs now and scarf down a burger.

Have the best 4th or July and drink a like white claw for me please.


A very pregnant Haley

1 week to go

Well one week ago I thought I’d for sure be holding a baby by now but she’s still chilling in the womb. I hope it’s cold in there cuz it’s hotter than shit out here. I am totally okay with whatever happens…she’ll make her appearance when she’s ready!

Had my 39 week appointment this am and all is well in baby-land. She definitely dropped and is sitting right on my bladder. I have to pee like every 30 minutes which isn’t super great but there could be worse things. I’m dilated to about a 2.5/3 so we good there too. I feel ready and excited!

This week I was a little more anxious just because of the unknown. I’m a very scheduled and routine person so not having like an exact date and time of her arrival messes with me a little but it’s also good and forces me to just go with the flow. I’m just trying to stay relaxed, eat good food, and get rest when possible.

I’ve been walking a ton and doing some slower paced strength sessions to keep my fitness up. Harry has also been keeping me busy because he’s legit non-stop from the minute he wakes to the minute he goes to sleep.

Yesterday Sam had the day off so we took a lovely family walk by the river. To Harry’s delight we found 4 ducks. His day was made.

Also, I realized that when you have children, all privacy goes out the door. Harry knows how to open doors so the other day as I was going potty he barged right in with his book, sat on his potty, and joined me. It was actually pretty adorable so I didn’t mind.

I’m weighing in at about 149 which is like 5 pounds lighter than with Harry but I feel like my belly is def bigger. Weird. I also don’t really care haha.

I haven’t really had many cravings lately but am getting real sick of water. It just doesn’t satisfy my thirst like a fresh margarita would.

Well my sunscreen has soaked in so time to hop in the pool. Hopefully this time next week I’ll be updating you on our baby girl and what we chose for a name. Have a fab weekend friends!



2 weeks to go (LOL)

I’m gonna go out on a limb and say it’ll be less than 2 weeks until this lil gal joins us. Had my Dr. appointment this am and I’m dilated to 2 cm (Harry was a week early and I was only 1/2 cm at this point with him) and that things are looking ready 🙂

I’m excited to meet her and so excited (also a tad nervous) to see how Harry is with her. He for sure knows something is happening because he’s been extra clingy lately and cries any time we leave his room after putting him down for nap/sleep time. I just want to squeeze the little buggar and hold him close (it’s getting hard to do with my large belly).

Life this week has been as relaxed as possible. It’s been hot as shit here and while it feels glorious, my legs and feet don’t really care for it currently. Thank goodness my parents have a lovely swimming hole in their backyard-floating has been a lovely treat.

I’ve been trying to get on as many walks as possible as running is pretty much dunzo until like August. Got in a couple neat workouts this week but am really listening to my bod and taking it easy.

I’ve really been craving lasagna which is weird since it’s been like 90 degrees. I also can’t get enough Stretch Island fruit leathers, chocolate milk, plantain chips, and cheez-it’s.

I’ve had some odd dreams as of late too. One where Harry had a giant gash on his head when I went to get him out of his crib…so gross. The other one I remember was from last night. My hair was so snarly and I could not get it untangled. Hahaha WTF.

Lil girls room is ready and I bit the bullet and got her her own pink diaper genie 🤦‍♀️

I’m also contemplating a double stroller but I’m torn. Harry loves his jogger and I can probably carry her in a wrap in the beginning. Any recommendations would be lovely.

Harry’s just busy as ever. Sam brought him home his own lawn mower and the kid is obsessed with it. He also has this fascination with trying to escape down my parents giant hill. He’s so fast it’s hard for me to catch him and one of these times he might just roll all the way down.

He’s an eating machine and literally gobbles up everything we put in front of him. I swear he doesn’t even chew sometimes. Last night (after swimming) he ate like 2 full cups of pasta and sauce, broccoli, garlic bread, watermelon, and some pb puffs. No clue where the kiddo puts it all.

Well I’m sweating and going to flop into the pool. Maybe next time we chat it will be to introduce our daughter 🙂

Have a swell weekend.